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Tetris clone

A clone of tetris made by pygame

Royal Ordains

Side-scrolling medieval fantasy action game in the art style inspired by Medieval art from various period and regions (with a sprinkle of education elements for historical medieval period) made with Pygame.


Free side-scrolling team action game.


"My first cat was named Speedy. Because when he went into one of those crazy dashes across the house, he'd run all along the backrest of the couch, like one of those motorcycle stuntperson. On a near-vertical surface."

Imperial Ambitions - Three Kingdoms

【Imperial Ambitions 3K】is a Three-Kingdoms-themed, turn-based strategy game written in Python. The current version features 8 playable factions, 24 unit types, 60+ recruitable generals with 90+ special attacks/skills, and a full campaign with diplomacy options, tech trees, and more!

Space Invaders

Space Invaders is a classic arcade game from 1978. This Python / Pygame version includes hordes of aliens, bosses, ufos, and power ups; the game gets tougher level by level.


a shmup survivor like game


SolarWolf is an action/arcade game written in Python. It is free and open source, created with the Pygame game development library.




A usable pixel art program written in Python


Metal Arbiter is an retro inspired action platformer .

Historical Wargame Simulator

Historical battle simulator in the form of a tactical map with the purpose to provide both enjoyment and educational value to the player.


A minigame where player becomes a Single Real Estate Manager

Elite Flatland 2.0

2-dimensional (top-down) remake of the classic BBC Micro game, Elite.

Snake 22 BETA (Wormy evolved)

Snake game made by Neonzz


PyBlocks is a simple PyGame application that allows you to construct anything from set of building blocks


Travel to another city to unlock more cities!

Désert de Feu

Vous êtes dans un désert et avez perdu la mémoire.


Block-pushing bullet hell.

Interplanetary Invaders

Battle alien invaders across the solar system!


Multiplayer chess game