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Ren'Py Visual Novel Engine

Ren'Py is an engine that supports the creation of visual novels and dating sims, forms of computer-mediated storytelling. It supports a movie script-like syntax that makes creating simple games easy, while still being customizable and extensible by advanced creators. With no additional work by the game-maker, it supports features expected of all visual novels, like loading, saving, preferences, and rollback.


A slideshow viewer, designed for digital photography enthusiasts. Features include: intuitive control (no distracting GUI), zoom and pan feature, full screen, fast, EXIF tag display, high quality scaling, lossless image rotation.


Image viewing application with standard features (file/directory browser, slideshows, zoom in/out, flip/rotate, etc.) and unique features (multi-view, adjustable thumbnail sizes, image playlists and more)


Superchick is a program to view manga, that is, Japanese comics. It can also be easily used to view American comics, or any other collection of images. However the feature set is slanted towards viewing images that should be displayed in alphabetical order, 1-2 per screen, and in right to left order. Â


PyKaraoke is a karaoke player for Linux and Windows


mediabox is a so called: home theatre pc platform (htpc) like freevo or mythtv


ReciPy is a recipe handler. You create new recipes or edit existing ones. All that with a nice GUI, made with the PGU library from Phil Hassey. The recipe is then saved in a XML file and nicely displayed in a browser thanks to a CSS sheet.


Photo viewer with a lot of features to organize them and create html galleries. French langage ! (please help to translate)


An interactive collage implemented in Pygame


This project aims to create a workable GUI using the Python langauge. This GUI is designed to browse Media repositories and play the media items (sometimes refered to as an HTPC application).


pyArcade is an emulator front-end written in python using pygame.

Bruce, the Presentation Tool

For creating projected presentations.


Simulation of large fire


A presentation tool for giving talks with a cool geeky toy.


epMEDIA is a multimedia-jukebox application with the ability of playing nearly all audiofiles through sdl_mixer or pySonic and launching extern applications. epMEDIA was programed for TV-Screens and not-so-powerful PC's.


iScribble, my first pygame program, is a fun little program that takes a new approach to drawing.


A neat little script that allows you to control iTunes with a mouse.


PyZX is ZX Spectrum computer emulator, written fully in Python.


Eternal Lands Map Viewer

Rubiks Cube

Program for looking of solutions of the Rubik's Cube


This is a little paint program where I use wxPython for the dialogs.


A music player developed with pygame.

Comic Book Reader

a Comic Book Reader for .cbr and .cbz files


Physical therapy routine generator and reader


This is JoyWM, a GUI written in pygame. JoyWM can be controlled with a joystick (or a keyboard if no joystick is present).

Pygame Networked Table Top

Application for playing tabletop games (cards, simple board games, other tabletop games) over the network. Flexible support of several game modes sitting on top of the core application. More of an exercise in GUI and networking than anything else.

TitanTV Favorites

An application for displaying upcoming favorite TV shows from


A comic book reader


PyInkblot - Creating Rorschach Inkblots using Genetic Algorithms


Simple mame frontend. It's primary target is to use it for mame cabinets.