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Pygame Extended: OpenGL accelerated sprite/event-engine plus a miscellanous bunch of utility libraries


TRI is a stylish little arcade game with original concept and nice OpenGL visualization

Woody Tigerbaum's Twisted Marble Factory

Twist the hoses to put colored marbles into the correct crates.

Woody Tigerbaum's Interplanetary Package Delivery

Deliver packages in space with the power of interplanetary slingshots.

demo shadows

source to use shadow map in pyOpenGL using extention.


OpenGL based game framework on top of pygame written in Python and C++.

Sheep Wars

A simple 3D action-strategy game where you build cannons and try to break the sheep pen of an opposing farmer.

Eva Demo

two evangelion fighting

OpenGL Font library

This is a font library implementation for Python/OpenGL, it is designed to plug-in to the Viper game engine but it also runs indepently.

Bouncy the Hungry Rabbit

You play Bouncy the Hungry Rabbit. You're in a garden with yummy veggies and a farmer who's not keen on you eating them. You can hide (and move around) under the ground.

OpenGL Fruit Machine

4-reel 3D Fruit Machine Demo. Tested on Windows and Linux.


openGL Accelerated 2D game library with emphasis on built-in game asset editors

Vortex Racers

A racing game that was originally an entrant for PyWeek 5. Drive around the track hitting checkpoints. Oh, and avoid the tornado! Written by Scav. Graphics done by me.


RTS game made with python (and pygame, of course). Lots of penguins.

Rising Snowflake

Sidescrolling multiplayer tactical fighting game.

Littlest Goddess

An atmospheric platform game.


Videojuego cuyo objetivo es trepar por un edificio esquivando las ventanas que se cierran y las macetas que se caen.


A port of the classical pyode double pendulum example scripted to work with the pyggel opengl library

Mango 64 - Experimental

A 3D platformer with only 3 levels.


Python bindings for the OpenVG vector graphics standard (specifically ShivaVG's implementation).


PYGGEL (PYthon Graphical Game Engine and Libraries) is a 3d game development engine, written using Pygame/PyOpenGL.


PyCave is a clone of the game SFCave, but with 3D graphics.

Elements: 2D physics API for the Box2D Engine

Elements is an easy-to-use 2D physics API for the Box2D engine, including renderers for OpenGL, PyGame and Cairo.

Rubik's Cube Game

3D Rubik's Cube game with "solve" function.


A 2D Library for PyGame and PyOpenGL.


A simple analog clock in pygame, using the pyggel opengl library

PyGame Squirtle Port

Port of Super Effective's Squirtle SVG Library

Tim's Day Trip

Tim is trying out his friend Eric's new game. A slight yawn and Tim finds himself trapped in Eric's world.


Gloss is a high-performance graphics wrapper around Pygame that lets you take advantage of OpenGL without having to delve into the murky depths of 3D programming. Gloss lets you build 2D games where you can rotate, scale and recolor sprites on the fly, and also includes a selection of helpful mathematics functions to make the life of games coders easier.

Ultra Tank-chan!

Ultra Tank-chan! is a GPLv2ed large-scale multiplayer space-combat-sim in the vein of Volition's FreeSpace series, with influences from Bandai-Namco's Ace Combat games.