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Vortex Racers

A racing game that was originally an entrant for PyWeek 5. Drive around the track hitting checkpoints. Oh, and avoid the tornado! Written by Scav. Graphics done by me.

Steam Run

The aim of Steam Run is to fly a steam powered aircraft from one landing pad to another, while dodging zeppelins and cannon balls.


My PyWeek6 entry, based on the topic of "robots"


The evil potentate is ruining everyone's lives! Use the power of dynamite to destroy his strongholds.

Ascent of Justice

Lead your skilled hero through the building, dodging cameras, guards, and climbing endless ladders. Find your enemy and take back what is yours!


Originally created as an entry to the Pyweek 4 warm-up, pillows is an exciting â??save-the-worldâ? arcade game with a very unique premise! Features original soundtrack by JDruid!

Which Way Is Up?

A traditional and challenging 2D platformer with a slight rotational twist.

Colonel Wiljafjord and the Tarbukas Tyranny

An adventure game tribute to some of the old LucasArts and Sierra classics -- Monkey Island and Space Quest. Made for pyweek #3.

Woody Tigerbaum's Twisted Marble Factory

Twist the hoses to put colored marbles into the correct crates.

Disk Field

Navigate the disk to the end point.

Magic Gardeners Tournament - competiton

This is a simple strategy game written for pyweek4.
it tied for 5th in the team category(or ninth, if you count everyone who tied ahead of us)


Puzzle game where you direct a stream of electricity with different kinds of power pylons.

Search for the Red Herring

A seek and destroy game created for pyweek 3.


Build a tower to withstand a howling gale!

Customer Service ROBOT!

Provide excellent customer service through SMASHING!

He Robot

You've to shoot to humans just for money


Puzzle game and electromechanical sandbox. Based on my PyWeek 5 competition entry.

Clad in Iron

A top-down shooter with a mimic of the USS Monitor as the hero written for PyWeek 2.

Robot Underground

Action RPG with pleasing graphics and engaging plot!

Barbie Seahorse Adventures

Barbie the Seahorse wants to go to the moon! Let the good times roll with this swell side-scroller. Won teams category in pyweek #4!


An evil robot destroys things. You are that robot!

Ninja on The Wall

Get up with your grapple hook, while shooting all kinds of zombies and evading the bottom falling off. I suggest playing the Tutorial - simply click START in the Menu - before trying the Endless Wall.

RoeBros' GUI

This is RoeBros' GUI, but since he's gone he asked me to release it for him as the deadline for pyweek libraries ends tomorrow. I finished up his doc as well as I could, but it's not perfect.


patapon clone using pygame :)

Heartfelt Nightsong

A text-based graphical adventure game.

Littlest Goddess

An atmospheric platform game.

Bell Runner

Help Brother Albert, apprentice bellringer, ring the bells in the right order.

Crazy Atropos

Manage your Orange empire of Greece through the lives of others! Promote those who think like you, and condemn those who do not suit your master plan.

Marine Rescue

A fast action game, rescue divers, shoot sharks and mines


This is a pacman kinda game in 3D. requires pygame and pyOpenGL.