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Woody Tigerbaum's Interplanetary Package Delivery

Deliver packages in space with the power of interplanetary slingshots.

Junk Jungle

Dungeon exploration game.

Pixelman 3

My entry for Ludum Dare 11

Barbie Seahorse Adventures

Barbie the Seahorse wants to go to the moon! Let the good times roll with this swell side-scroller. Won teams category in pyweek #4!


Scrumper is a simple arcade-style game. The object of the game is to catch as many falling apples as possible.

Asteroids Infinity

Classic Asteroids with some differences.


In PyRockets you control a small craft in an arena battling waves of droids. The 0.25 version is missing tons of features, but the core gameplay is in place as well as some particle effects. Lots of gratuitous particle effects.


A 2D sidescrolling platformer, similar to the Super Mario games.

Mountain Climbing Adventure

A falling objects game. Very fun. Objective is to get a highscore. You can post and compare scores online as well as your computer.

Ping Pong

NES-style Ping Pong.

Astrocrash (Discontinued)

An arcade classic, a game of asteroids.

Offslaught '81

Tower defense zx81 style. This is my entry into the TIGSource Retro Demakes competition.

Wavy Navy

The old Apple ][/C64 game Wavy Navy

Lines Simulation

A simple line simulation, based on the Mystify screen saver up to windows xp.

Simple Breakout

A basic breakout clone

Mr Fuze

My entry for PyWeek 7


A hectic 2D top-view space shooter with randomly generated levels.

Retro Game Library

A library for creating NES and GameBoy style games.


A Metroid-type shooter.

Customizable Pong

Pong is back in an another clone! Now customizable!

Space Shooter

A scrolling arcade shooter using python and pygame.

Markie's Revenge

Guide the Sheepie to stay alive as long as possible and don't get killed by the green Markie Ming heads!

SAT Dash

It seems that your task as a generic green alien on active duty is to destroy satellites orbiting Earth! Destroy as much as you can within the time limit.


Simple Pong clone.


A Dragon Quest-styled RPG. Currently in-development.


Basic version of the classic breakout game.

Retro Space

Retro Space 2010 is a space shooter game. It features retro styled graphics and sounds.


A remake of Skool Daze and Back to Skool.


Space Invaders.

Jellyfish Quest

An underwater jellyfishylicious retro adventure game in 32 by 32 pixels.