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What's New

# This is a list of changes in pygame's history.
# SVN revision numbers, and CVS tag names are placed before the date
# BREAK = change breaks existing code
# BUG    = fixed a bug that was (or could have been) crashing

[HG 3623:096eec484a72] Jan 08, 2017
    Build newer versions of libogg and libvorbis into Linux base images

[HG 3619:48b78eed3d5d] Jan 01, 2017
    Add Python 3.6 to Appveyor build

[HG 3618:8316c8995b14] Jan 01, 2017
    Add Python 3.6 for manylinux build

[HG 3617:d9be8e370bc3] Dec 29, 2017
    Add Python 3.6 (Linux) on Travis

[HG 3615:a7661dbc576c] Dec 18, 2017
    Include in sdist

[HG 3578:2b59043d4151] Aug 05, 2016
    Manylinux wheel support. Binary wheels for linux.

[HG 3548:2cee182f6ccf] Jul 21, 2016
    Travisci config for OSX binary wheel building.

[HG 3545:197a07b9fe49] Jul 14, 2016
    Slow down the liquid example a bit
    Minor fixes for glcube example

[HG 3542:7b2c232deee4] Jul 10, 2016
    Remove test for font object state after re-initing with nonexistant path.

[HG 3540:287b8ed256bb] Jul 01, 2016
    Open files using unicode paths on Windows

[HG 3539:518bc4de88a6] Jul 01, 2016
    Use filesystem encoding rather to decode paths rather than unicode_escape codec

[HG 3537:8daaa6846e73] Jun 13, 2016
    Allow for portmidi library to contain porttime, as on Fedora.

[HG 3536:594db78c15c8] Jun 01, 2016
    Only disable optimisations for msvc14

[HG 3535:76a2ed848073] Jun 01, 2016
    Try disabling optimisations for average_color function

[HG 3522:a456af4b268f] Jun 01, 2016
    Update appveyor link and badges in readme.rst

[HG 3521:b6f7d0ebcc43] May 31, 2016
    appveyor.yml edited online with Bitbucket

[HG 3520:345a411689f6] May 31, 2016
    Appveyor building of windows binary wheels.

[HG 3497:52d5f9fca5d7] Sep 18, 2012
    Ensure local directories are specified last for precedence for Unix

[HG 3496:575c7a74d85a] May 17, 2016
    Fix some command line option handling
    Tidy up command line options for tests
    Clean up some code we're no longer using
    Restore non-zero exit code when tests fail
    Remove unused test_not_implemented function
    Remove pygame's copy of unittest, and monkeypatches for unittest
    Use standard Python unittest module
    Show end of failing test runner output as well as beginning

[HG 3485:fba8622a39e8] May 17, 2016
    Remove the very ancient numeric(pre numpy) support.

[HG 3480:723e04797af4] Jun 07, 2014
    fastevent corrected lock protection of all condition signaling

[HG 3477:b5aaa063a03e] May 06, 2016
    Exit with status 1 if sdl-config missing

[HG 3476:f5c0e59c3397] May 06, 2016
    Merge with avoid-internal-unittest

[HG 3475:e926bc8c7d0e] May 06, 2016
    Run the tests in a temporary working directory rather than the pygame package
    Use correct import name of test runner module when installed
    Run the subprocess test_runner by module name

[HG 3471:60c959451153] Mar 05, 2016
    Pull out ffmpeg and smpeg dependencies

[HG 3469:58f7736edf45] Dec 16, 2014
    Update docs with link to PEP 0440 version scheme standard.

[HG 3464:5b28fbd5f717] May 05, 2016
    Remove some references to numeric in overview docs
    Remove numeric from array tests
    Remove some more miscellaneous references to Numeric
    Remove _numericsurfarray
    Remove _numericsndarray

[HG 3458:a46c0aeb905f] May 05, 2016
    Setup/configure shouldn't prompt for input when non-interactive

[HG 3456:a2d31e438e70] Dec 20, 2014
    Use stdlib assertAlmostEqual instead of numpy's assert_almost_equal

[HG 3455:e84e36098779] May 05, 2016
    Add Python 3.5 to Travis

[HG 3453:744e582a4ec2] Dec 16, 2014
    On Travis-CI build for Python 2.7 and Python 3.4.

[HG 3452:6ae6738583ba] May 04, 2016
    Check lowercased fs encoding against lowercase constant

[HG 3450:28ddc7a3196a] Mar 05, 2016
    Allow running tests on Python 3.5

[HG 3449:d61ea8eabd56] Dec 05, 2015
    BUG: PixelArray memory leak when using multiple indexes

[HG 3448:ba6678fd5412] Nov 28, 2015
    For Surface, Rect, and Color types, resolve Issue #280

[HG 3447:9e734fb59d01] Nov 28, 2015
    BUG: pygame.Color('white') % pygame.Color('black') halts Python

[HG 3445:5525f3e30956] Nov 25, 2015
    Resolve Issue For Python 3.4, Color arithmetic does not argument type checking

[HG 3444:96203be1d815] Nov 24, 2015
    BUG: some_Rect.unionall_ip( [] ) returns a new Rect instead of None

[HG 3443:cdb77d20ee8e] Nov 11, 2015
    pygame.scrap on X11, fix copying into PRIMARY selection

[HG 3442:30ee31659166] Oct 24, 2015
    Weird English in colour key description

[HG 3441:69f8bb62b679] Oct 24, 2015
    PyColor OverflowError on HSVA with hue value of 360

[HG 3440:572050f55835] Oct 22, 2015
    on launchpad, getfilesystemencoding returns 'ANSI_X3.4-1968'.

[HG 3439:d5552c9d653d] Sep 27, 2015
    Added a build badge for launchpad.

[HG 3438:8bdcd449963f] Sep 11, 2015
    Correct AppVeyor build badge.

[HG 3436:92167dd513cd] Sep 11, 2015
    Adding pypi, and python2 + 3 badges to readme.

[HG 3434:de10e1f00edc] Sep 10, 2015
    Move the prebuilt build tools to their own pygame/build-external-dlls project

[HG 3433:ea3b3bb8714a] Sep 07, 2015
    remove some overlooked movie files

[HG 3432:01a14aca0cf0] Sep 07, 2015
    fix minor doc issues for

[HG 3431:f6f0834fd480] Sep 07, 2015
    Add a music player example that used

[HG 3430:951fa2b681ce] Sep 07, 2015
    Add a machine the suffix to the Windows prebuilt directory

[HG 3429:b41bf2d9da56] Sep 07, 2015
    Fix a Python 2/3 compatibility problem in a unit test

[HG 3428:e6b39ce99474] Sep 07, 2015
    Remove (FILE *) sharing between rwobject C module and external libraries

[HG 3427:d4ff4b9179f9] Sep 05, 2015
    Link the travisci build badge to the build page.

[HG 3425:faa5879a7e6b] Jul 19, 2015
    Warn developers about automatic window stretching. Close issue #245.

[HG 3424:e01d70daadb9] Jul 04, 2015
    Do some freetype module cleanup.

[HG 3423:6bd96b0a1b25] Jul 04, 2015
    Remove two overlooked old doc pages

[HG 3422:8b608af0f35d] Jul 03, 2015
    Clarify documentation for a full SDL event queue: resolve Issue #168

[HG 3421:e6a646891264] Jul 02, 2015
    Remove Pygame's neglected, and broken, movie support: resolve Issue #238

[HG 3420:db0804838ff0] Jun 29, 2015
    Expand the docs for Resolve Issue #241

[HG 3419:b0117d331d33] Jun 26, 2015
    Fix Issue #246: Surface test fails on x86_64 Ubuntu

[HG 3418:5b80352ee412] Jun 26, 2015
    Reformat PySurface_Blit in surface.c debugging Issue #246

[HG 3417:751b612df1d1] Jun 21, 2015
    Fix a new buffer bug in the mixer module

[HG 3416:5974ff8dae3c] May 02, 2015
    Fix bug where pygame.color fails the unit test for x86-32 Linux

[HG 3415:9ac6c2d577fc] May 02, 2015
    Fix a bug in exposed by commit ae2e36d

[HG 3414:dc57da440ac3] Apr 30, 2015
    Decapitate zombie bug 52 (Motherhampster Bugzilla)

[HG 3413:c95e75c79e21] Apr 29, 2015
    A possible solution to Issue #131

[HG 3412:ae2e36dc3f4c] Apr 27, 2015
    Removed hard-coded font lists. They're not necessary,
    and updating them every time that a new OS is released would be a burden.
    Now, sysfont will depend on the registry (on Windows) or X11 fc-list (on any other OS)
    to generate a system's font list.

[HG 3411:7b227f4892f2] Apr 23, 2015
    Reindent alphablit.c

[HG 3410:c080fc971853] Apr 13, 2015
    Close Issue #243, For a string with trailing spaces, freetype ignores the last space in boundary calculations

[HG 3409:1418130101df] Apr 10, 2015
    Close Issue #237, Memory overrun when text without descenders is rendered with underlining

[HG 3408:128931b1d70f] Apr 07, 2015
    Close Issue #242, freetype.Font.get_rect() ignores style defaults when the style argument is not given

[HG 3403:db5966ca2b4d] Feb 15, 2015
    Process lib/ with autopep8.

[HG 3402:78fa571425e3] Feb 14, 2015
    Replace try...except blocks with if...else blocks in lib/ because they execute slightly more quickly.

[HG 3400:21d229a4c181] Feb 07, 2015
    remove some gcc 4.8.2 compiler warnings for imageext.c

[HG 3399:3b3ba7749842] Jan 18, 2015
    Close Issue #165, ResourceWarning: unclosed file for pygame_icon.bmp

[HG 3398:727f7033ffe6] Jan 11, 2015
    Close Issue #186, Test_freetype_Font_get_rect fails with freetype-2.5.1

[HG 3397:ab487ab966a4] Jan 11, 2015
    Make the pygame.freetype.init() cache_size argument actually work

[HG 3396:5f22727d07e6] Jan 11, 2015
    pygame.freetype.init() would crash on error

[HG 3395:7213968d5e81] Dec 31, 2014
    A fix for Issue 187: Pygame.tests.freetype_test segfaults on Python 3.4b1

[HG 3393:b26e6d95fe72] Dec 29, 2014
    Fix bug where PyBuffer_Release is called after a Python error is raised

[HG 3392:b7609599015d] Dec 28, 2014
    Include gcc libaries in the Pygame Windows install

[HG 3390:9260d857774e] Dec 27, 2014
    Color masks in jpeg save code on big endian fixed. Applies to issue #221;

[HG 3389:e6407e81be55] Dec 23, 2014
    Reconfigure the build chain to link only to msvcrt.dll

[HG 3388:08c495db0c53] Dec 22, 2014
    Remove cross library FILE * dependencies in imageext.c

[HG 3386:da5514cb5675] Dec 16, 2014
    Fix for issue #230. Skip test_image_convert_bug_131 for headless tests.

[HG 3384:b08471ecc2a0] Dec 15, 2014
    Fix for issue 226, FontTest.test_render_args unit test fails on headless machine

[HG 3382:64f9038c292d] Dec 17, 2014
    Use UTF-8 filenames on Linux systems claiming that the filesystem encoding is

[HG 3379:04d8563ce724] Dec 14, 2014
    Fix issue 227. test_array_keyword in fails when using disk as audio driver

[HG 3376:f92be56108cb] Dec 14, 2014
    Fix issue 225. test_set_grab_and_get_symmetric unit test fails on automated build bot without a display

[HG 3371:8a7a6ce2a852] Dec 15, 2014
    Update to only skip tests if we have a dummy video driver.

[HG 3370:676f8d6cbb8a] Dec 15, 2014
    Conditionally skip Freetype tests using subprocess_ignore

[HG 3362:ca4834ff9372] Apr 22, 2014
    Bug fix: Red and green channels inversion on AMD 64 (see issue #39).

[HG 3361:e3ae850caa1e] Nov 03, 2014
    fix issue 214, math.Vector2.rotate fails on certain inputs

[HG 3353:567f3cc4f554] Sep 09, 2014
    Pre-declare src/dstdiff64 variables--otherwise this module fails to compile using C90 mode in gcc

[HG 3350:fd200cdb6897] Oct 12, 2014
    Fix draw↔blit typo in the example code in MoveIt tutorial

[HG 3349:823708f24a3a] Apr 28, 2014
    Fix testcase failure when using Python's unittest module.

[HG 3346:78ee68c7ede6] Jan 31, 2014
    Fixes to always compile SCRAP on MacOSX.

[HG 3345:ee208d86eb98] Jan 23, 2014
    For issue #165, on quit tell it that the icon has not been set.

[HG 3344:cd66fb7efeec] Jan 23, 2014
    Added unit tests for pygame.math inplace operators.  Fixes #172

[HG 3343:32919bdd25e9] Jan 22, 2014
    Catch NotImplementedError when pkg_resources fails..  Fixes #184

[HG 3342:6adea40ae4f7] Jan 21, 2014
    Fix typo in doc index: closes issue #190

[HG 3341:4ed9cb765867] Jan 16, 2014
    A fix for the SysFont hang on OS X 10.9 mentioned in issue #179

[HG 3340:90f8019b31d2] Nov 08, 2013
    Add a pygame.freetype module code point unit test (closes Issue #75)

[HG 3339:46ed0161021c] Nov 08, 2013
    Finish freetype module doc page (towards Issue #75)

[HG 3338:3299e2cc3c4c] Nov 05, 2013
    fix problem in PixelArray with sequence item access

[HG 3337:b59ccbbd4586] Nov 01, 2013
    For BufferProxy old buffer support, handle (void *) better.

[HG 3336:56e0eadfc267] Oct 28, 2013
    Bug fix: Segfault on surface.get_bounding_rect(). Closes Issue #180

[HG 3335:c80631c9c518] Oct 26, 2013
    _freetype.c msvc compatibility for Issue #181

[HG 3334:e352941a02d1] Oct 26, 2013
    add a fgcolor property to freetype.Font (towards Issue #75)

[HG 3333:e0a9058d639d] Oct 25, 2013
    enable freetype.Font.get_rect() to reuse layouts with render methods (towards Issue #75)

[HG 3332:bb1dac8cba21] Oct 21, 2013
    for bitmap files freetype.Font uses first available size as default (towards Issue #75)

[HG 3331:3c84a0ef193a] Oct 20, 2013
    Use real fixed width font in test_freetype_Font_init (towards issue #75)

[HG 3330:2e27cc842430] Oct 20, 2013
    enable ucs4 unit tests for freetype.Font.get_rect() (towards Issue #75)

[HG 3329:96fe757a54ce] Oct 20, 2013
    allow (width, height) freetype.Font size values (towards Issue #75)

[HG 3328:054dbe9b0457] Oct 20, 2013
    handle size errors consistently for freetype.Font sized methods (toward Issue #75)

[HG 3327:2bf12751af9c] Oct 19, 2013
    changeset d2feb84c6b76 broke example, fix

[HG 3326:419b0740d3df] Oct 18, 2013
    error check pygame.freetype.Font scalable font properties (toward Issue #75)

[HG 3325:25010374a4e4] Oct 17, 2013
    SDL_SOUNDFONTS handling in

[HG 3324:d2feb84c6b76] Oct 17, 2013
    improve pygame.freetype.Font text rotation handling (towards Issue #75)

[HG 3323:b0f518dee138] Oct 17, 2013
    improve pygame.freetype.Font font size handling (towards Issue #75)

[HG 3322:8f252e8487ca] Oct 16, 2013
    reduce pygame.freetype.Font.__init__ args (towards Issue #75)

[HG 3321:0d2fb51b889b] Oct 15, 2013
    add use_bitmap_strike property to pygame.freetype.Font (towards Issue #75)

[HG 3320:2aa48db2cbcf] Oct 14, 2013
    add bitmap size introspection to pygame.freetype.Font (toward Issue #75)

[HG 3319:4459d217993f] Oct 11, 2013
    some small document changes

[HG 3318:9fd0e65e51c0] Oct 10, 2013
    make work with Python 2.5 (again)

[HG 3317:d739db5c3152] Oct 10, 2013
    Make hg ignore /docs/_images

[HG 3316:642e892bffeb] Oct 10, 2013
    Add hg identifier to MSI installer filename

[HG 3315:ea8244e1ad8f] Oct 10, 2013
    Automatically generate the version module with

[HG 3314:a6f89747b551] Oct 09, 2013
    Remove some gcc compiler warnings for freetype module

[HG 3313:1750c209cb17] Oct 09, 2013
    Fix reference counting problems with array interface

[HG 3312:1092594179b4] Oct 06, 2013
    Fix some CPyChecker warnings for pixelcopy (toward issue #171)

[HG 3311:91ac7a674af5] Oct 06, 2013
    Fix some CPyChecker warnings for pixelarray (toward issue #171)

[HG 3310:9e222e19d04f] Oct 03, 2013
    Start of 1.9.2 alpha releases

[HG 3309:6edd09029351] Oct 02, 2013
    Fix some CPyChecker detected bugs in imageext.c and font.c

[HG 3308:12de2da43ecb] Sep 30, 2013
    Better document EventType properties: closes issue #166

[HG 3307:bf49fd02a920] Sep 28, 2013
    Font issue for mac on PPC, Address issue #177 (untested)

[HG 3306:c4a65a9b8049] Sep 26, 2013
    merge in Mac specific fixes

[HG 3304:1e135264f0ab, 3303:9ccc6160cc6d, 3302:b51cd33153a7] Sep 20, 2013
    Fix bug introduced into little-endian code in changeset b51cd33153a7
    Big-endian fixes to pygame.PixelArray
    Big-endian fixes for pygame.Surface

[HG 3301:c86a02a3a516] Sep 16, 2013
    Some big-endian fixes (ppc)

[HG 3300:f97ba2662193] Sep 10, 2013
    Add c_ssize_t to ctypes module if not already present

[HG 3299:82f658d7596b] Sep 26, 2013
    Another bug fix towards issue #175

[HG 3298:746036fc6f60] Sep 26, 2013
    Fix bug in PyPixelArray tp_new function where weakrefs C field is clobbered

[HG 3297:610dbf3cd11d] Sep 21, 2013
    Possible fix for issue #175, uncomfirmed

[HG 3296:8c69d1a163a5] Sep 21, 2013
    Bug fix of pygame.PixelArray involving returned repr string

[HG 3295:b6e948d2e8e3] Sep 10, 2013
    Make the Surface.get_at_mapped method value consistent with Surface.map_rgb

[HG 3294:e5f2ccbf7965, 3293:9cac2ec83346] Sep 10, 2013
    Fix for font error on x86_64

[HG 3292:851743cb4c5a] Aug 19, 2013
    Fix memory overrun bug with pygame.freetype.render_raw()

[HG 3291:35b62579fd70] Aug 13, 2013
    A patch for issue #172 from Lorenz Quack for inplace operators in Math.Vector2.

[HG 3290:62f61425b394] Jul 28, 2013
    Fix pygame.pixelcopy function problems with big-endian processors

[HG 3289:c780a5d7db49] Jul 28, 2013
    Allow switching the byte order of a Python int to big or little endian

[HG 3288:927d431d16fc] Jul 28, 2013
    Add an Array test type to pygame.tests.test_utils.arrinter

[HG 3286:52175e810e1c] Jul 13, 2013
    Bring in corrections to assert statements

[HG 3285:ac4f6f62660e] Jul 10, 2013
    Correct faulty assertions added to the C code in changeset 67f1c85 and later

[HG 3284:9b8c3950b131] Jul 10, 2013
    Tiny typo fix for weird endian machines.

[HG 3283:11e8afc09495] Jul 02, 2013
    Refactor the casting between the C (Py_buffer *) and (Pg_buffer *) types

[HG 3282:5e00ad848732] Jul 02, 2013
    Remove unused Pg_buffer_d typedef

[HG 3281:23f848d95c8b] Jun 29, 2013
    Clean up white space in C source files

[HG 3280:8610c95e23e2] Jun 28, 2013
    Add class pygame.BufferProxy to Pygame's public Python API

[HG 3279:5435417840f7] Jun 15, 2013
    Restore the Surface.get_view() method

[HG 3278:0cac3d110a96] Jun 14, 2013
    fix a new buffer format bug involving an item count of 1: Part 2

[HG 3277:0a029b48c303] Jun 14, 2013
    Extend buftools.Exporter to allow an arbitrary format when an itemsize is given

[HG 3276:e452a8d244b9] Jun 14, 2013
    Enhance buftools.Exporter to support negative strides

[HG 3275:888562b53dfa] Jun 12, 2013
    replace another ambiguous switch statement default clause

[HG 3274:35c6f1cb33b5] Jun 11, 2013
    replace ambiguous switch statement default clauses with specific comments

[HG 3273:9b76f5fe1984] Jun 11, 2013
    Fix Python 3.x compatibility issue introduced in changeset f7a9049e3b31

[HG 3272:f7a9049e3b31] Jun 08, 2013
    Fix handling of new buffer format verification in base.c

[HG 3271:8e732f6e912d] Jun 08, 2013
    verify pygame.tests.test_utils.buftools.Exporter supports boolean arrays

[HG 3270:0ecf23052547] Jun 08, 2013
    fix a new buffer format bug involving an item count of 1

[HG 962e528796ab] May 26, 2013
    Add full Python new buffer protocol support to Pygame 1.9.2. In addition
    Python level array interface support is added to several Pygame objects
    and function. This changeset marks the end of a series of commits,
    starting with revision 98e3a61592c1 on September 8, 2012.

    Affected Pygame buffer exporting objects are BufferProxy, Surface
    (through method get_buffer), Sound, PixelArray, and Color. Affected
    importers are Sound, freetype.Font, BufferProxy, and the
    pixelcopy module functions (array_to_surface, surface_to_array, map_array,
    and make_surface).

    Internally, Pygame has been rewritten to use the C Py_buffer to represent
    external array objects. For Python 2.5 and earlier, which do not support
    the new buffer protocol, Py_buffer is defined in pygame.h. The details
    of translating between Py_buffer and the array interface are now found
    in only on C file, base.c. Consequently, the base module exports several new
    Pygame C api functions and a new exception: PgBuffer_AsArrayInterface,
    PgBuffer_AsArrayStruct, PgObject_GetBuffer, PgBuffer_Release,
    PgDict_AsBuffer, and PgExc_BufferError. These api additions also reduce
    the amount of conditional compilation code required to support Python
    versions which lack the new buffer protocol.

    Finally, for proper testing, additions are made to the unit test framework.
    A new extension module, pygame.newbuffer, adds new classes for importing
    and exporting the new buffer interface at the Python level. It is built
    conditionally. The new pygame.tests.test_utils.buftools Python module
    implements the high level classes used in the actual unit tests. Also,
    a new class in pygame.tests.test_utils.arrinter exports a C level
    array interface from the Python level.

[SVN 3062] Mar 30, 2011
    Port scrap module to Python 3.x (merge with branches/port_scrap_py3).
    Accidently committed in rev 3061.

[SVN 3057-3061]
    Update Pygame Event type to have mutable attributes as per feature request
    62 on Motherhamster's Bugzilla

[SVN 3006] Feb 24, 2011
    [BUG] Fix hanging pointer problem in color.c.
    Add deprecation warning for Numeric in surfarray and sndarray.

[SVN 3003-3005] Feb 21-24, 2011
    Enhance array support in pixelcopy methods. map_array now accepts
    a three byte integer for target array. Surface.get_view now
    allows a 2D view for 24 bitsized arrays, even though not accepted
    by numpy. Color objects now export an array struct interface.
    Various bug fixes for Python 3.1.

[SVN 3000-3002] Feb 20, 2011
    Merge the surface_buffer branch back into trunk.
    1) Rename module _arraysurfarray to pixelcopy, which implements
       array_to_surface (blit_surface), surface_to_array, and map_array.
    2) Reimplement _numpysurfarray methods array2d, array3d, array_alpha,
       array_colorkey, and map_surface to use new pixelcopy methods.

    Module pixelcopy reimplements _numericsurfarray using generic
    copy methods that accept objects exporting an array struct interface.
    Along with Surface views, it moves almost all of the
    functionality into C code. pixelcopy is also independent of NumPy,
    so can work with other array like objects.

[SVN 2983-2987] Feb 08, 2011
    Merge the buffer branch back into trunk.
    1) Extend pygame.mixer.Sound() to load samples from an object with
       an array struct interface or the new buffer protocol. Exports
       an array struct interface.
    2) Update sndarray to use the new Sound features on numpy arrays,
       removing the Python array manipulation code.
    3) Add a new Type, pygame._view.View as a proxy for exporting an
       array struct interface.
    4) Add the pygame.Surface.get_view() method, which returns a View instance.
       Besides creating views describing pixel2d, pixels3d, and pixels_alpha
       arrays, new pixels_red, pixels_green, and pixels_blue views have been
    5) Update the pixels surfarray methods to use Surface.get_view() for
       numpy arrays, removing the Python array manipulation code. Add new
       methods returning red, green, and blue pixels arrays.

[SVN 2977] Feb 06, 2011
    Add Python 3.2 __pycache__ directories to ignore list.

[SVN 2958] Jan 19, 2011
    Add proof-of-concept pygame.freetype.render_raw method to show one way to
      correctly calculate text size.

[SVN 2957] Jan 14, 2011
    Fix freetype.c build bug involving PyFREETYPE_C_API not defined.

[SVN 2952-2954] Jan 05, 2011
    [bug] GroupSingle memory leak posted in mailing list by Tobias Steinrücken.

[SVN 2951] Nov 14, 2010
    Reenable the camera module for linux.

[SVN 2936, 2938, 2944] Sep 28, 2010
    Pygame now builds for Python 3.2. Capsule objects are used in preference
    to CObject objects.

[SVN 2937] September 23, 2010
    [BUG] Bugzilla 54: pygame.examples.movieplayer causes
    "PyThreadState_Get: no current thread".
    Movie module now works under Python 3.2.

[SVN 2934] September 16, 2010
    [BUG] Fix some MSVC warnings in hope of solving an error raised in

[SVN 2923] September 16, 2010
    [BUG] Fix error in movie.c that prevents MSVC from compiling the module.

[SVN 2922] September 15, 2010
    [BUG] Mac builds fail: maybe using older versions of SDL_ttf or
      SDL_mixer. Restore version conditional code in font and music modules.

[SVN 2921] September 15, 2010
    Merge fsencoding branch back into trunk. This adds corrected Unicode file path
    handling to Pygame. File paths can contain any UTF-32 character, except \x00,
    provided the file system encoding can handle it. It is also one more step
    towards a full Python 3.1 port of Pygame.

[SVN 2914, 2916] September 15, 2010
    Preparation for merge with fsencoding branch

[SVN 2900-2910] August 31-September 11, 2010
    Preparations to freetype for release:
      - fix a bug with base.register_quit import that kept freetype
        from loading
      - improve Unicode handling so can handle all UTF-32 characters
      - enable encode_raw Font method
      - import exception messages
      - add missing error checks of memory allocations
      - attempt to fix text boundary calculation bug that causes
        memory access violations in some cases. Unfinished.

[SVN 2897] August 30, 2010
    update docs to reflect changes in r2855

[SVN 2858] August 18, 2010
    Remove distracting '"_POSIX_C_SOURCE" redefined' GCC warnings from linux builds.

[SVN 2857] August 17, 2010
    [BUG] fix rwobject memory leak when raising a memory error

[SVN 2856] August 15, 2010
    font.c, rwobject.c, Update/correct Python3 svn property
    to better reflect Python 3.1 compatibility

[SVN 2855] August 15, 2010
    font module: improve unicode text handling: can now render Unicode
    characters up to U+FFFF.

[SVN 2854] August 9, 2010
    remove distracting "'PyGAME_C_API' defined but not used" gcc warnings
    from Pygame build

[SVN 2853] August 9, 2010
    mixer.Sound: fix spelling error in an error message and add no-arguments
    check to the unit tests

[SVN 2852] August 9, 2010
    [BUG] mixer.c: move a variable declaration to the beginning of a block
    to keep MSVC happy

[SVN 2851] August 9, 2010
    add keyword arguments to mixer.Sound and improve Unicode strings/
    Python 3.x bytes handling

[SVN 2850] August 9, 2010
    make _movie module unit tests conditional on the presence of the module.

[SVN 2849] August 8, 2010 add more Python 3.x compatibility features; add unit tests

[SVN 2848] August 8, 2010
    allow RWopsFromPython to accept a Python 3.x bytes object as a file path
    (for compatibilty with open())

[SVN 2847] August 8, 2010
    [BUG] Font loading from file object patch, and test.  Thanks Janosch Graf

[SVN 2828-2845] July 10-28, 2010
    Update Windows dependency build chain to build the latest versions of the libraries.
    Uses MinGW gcc 4.5.0 and Msys 1.0.11. Dependencies can now be built with Python 3.1.

[SVN 2824-2825] June 9-10, 2010
    Update ffmpeg building with msys on Windows.

[SVN 2824] June 9, 2010
    [BUG] Undo bug introduced into for ffmpeg

[SVN 2823] June 9, 2010
    [BUG] Fix missing Windows drive in

[SVN 2822] June 9, 2010
    Update Windows dependencies build for MinGW GCC 4.5.0.
    Some newer dependency libraries are used, notably SDL-1.2.14,
    and the addition of FFMPEG has been completed. This update leaves in a working, but transitional, state.

[SVN 2816] June 3, 2010
    [BUG] docs.__main__: Fix problem with spaces in Windows directory names.

[SVN 2815] May 31, 2010
    [BUG] Fix a _movie module bug where the module fails to build under Debian Linux
      because the libavformat and libswscale header subdirectories are in ffmpeg.
      The changes makes the module's ffmpeg includes consistent with ffmpeg itself.

[SVN 2810] May 24, 2010
    [BUG] Let accept keyword arguments

[SVN 2809] May 24, 2010
    [BUG] Add set_pos method to that calls Mix_SetMusicPosition
      SDL_mixer function. As per the feature request by Mark Reed on the
      mailing list (16/05/10).

[SVN 2808] May 24, 2010
    [BUG] Fixes bug in pygame.draw.line where the wrong rectangle was returned
      for a line with width > 1 and the end point y value less than the
      start point y value.  Identified by Aaron Brady on mailing list, 10/10/09.

[SVN 2573] August 6, 2009
    [BUG] missing readme.html in causes install to fail
        on pythons with setuptools installed.

[SVN 2519] July 17, 2009
    [BUG] fix pygame.font.get_fonts() bug for Python 3.1 and Windows.

[SVN 2517-2518] July 17, 2009
    [BUG] unit test framework fails for Python 3.1 on Windows due
          to str/bytes confusion

[SVN 2516] July 16, 2009
    Pygame dependency build now replaces the configure
    generated, which MSVC can not use,  with

[SVN 2515] July 15, 2009
    [BUG] surface docs typo patch submitted by Lorenz Quack

[SVN 2503-2505] July 13, 2009
    [BUG] bugzilla 29, patch to use SDL_VIDEO_DRIVER_X11 DISABLE_X11.  Thanks Robert A. Lerche.
        So can compile pygame without X11 again.
    [BUG] fixed bad midi test.
    [BUG] pygame.gfxdraw docstrings were not there.  Now... they... are.

[SVN 2491-2495] July 9, 2009
    [BUG] Fixed up quit bug in example.  Thanks Evan Kroske!
    [BUG] Made the test code more compatible with python2.3.
    [BUG] python3.1 support for OSX.

[SVN 2486-2488] July 8, 2009
    [BUG] 64bit issues with Surface.get_masks and UintFromObj.
        thanks Lorenz Quack!
    [BUG] Color slicing works with python3 now too.

[SVN 2481] July 7, 2009
    [BUG] typo in examples/ Thanks Evan Kroske!

[SVN 2472] July 6, 2009
    [BUG]Fixed some failing tests for Color and LONG_MAX on 64bit python.
    From Campbell Barton.FloatFromObj speedup.
      register_quit cleanup.
      PyErr_Format used in CheckSDLVersions.

[SVN 2454] July 2, 2009
    [BUG] Patch to work around cpu detection bugs in SDL 64bit from Lenard.
      Thanks to Lorenz for bug hunting.

[SVN 2380-2381] Jun 19, 2009
    Color.set_length method... to change Color length to 1,2,3 or 4.
    Surface.get_palette(_at) return Color with length 3.

[SVN 2366] Jun 17, 2009
    [BUG] Memory leak in a few modules.  Thanks Lorenz Quack.

[SVN 2365] Jun 16, 2009
    Started to add basic slice support to Color type.

[SVN 2311] Jun 4, 2009
    Fixed another Color regression... colors are now tasty again when pickled.

[SVN 2305] Jun 2, 2009
    Make import This is done
      consistently with other pygame.tests modules.

[SVN 2294-2303] Jun 1, 2009
    Added some notes about Color instead of tuple for some Surface functions.
    Midi, no abort on dealloc by default. have explicit close/abort available.
    Updated midi docs.
    Sysfont tests pass ok on OSX now(and windows+linux etc).
    Sysfont on OSX more resiliant. Broke up tests to find broken ones more
    Updated test/README.TXT for tags files... eg:
    Added a little tool to help with creating WHATSNEW from svn logs.
    Add a little TODO to to make its WHATSNEW output

[SVN 2289-2293] May 31, 2009
    Fix so Python3 compiles it without errors.
    Let Surface methods accept and return Color instances.
    Minor type correction in Rect docs.
    Extend background unit test default timeout to 2 minutes.
    Add gfxdraw unit tests and fix uncovered bugs.

[SVN 2284-2287] May 30, 2009
    Sysfont, added fallback for OSX that doesn't have X11.
    Tests and fixes for midi. Better validation Input/Output to avoid crashes.
    Fixed up test which was failing on ubuntu with python2.x.

[SVN 2278] May 29, 2009
    Fixed test to not fail on OSX which doesn't have midi devices by default.

[SVN 2264-2269] May 27, 2009
    Enable on Windows.
    Add svn properties to track which files are converted to Python 3.x.
    Updated docs for cursors.load_xbm, thanks Saul Spatz, and Thomas Ibbotson.
    Cursors update note.

[SVN 2248-2261] May 26, 2009
    Disable debug printing for Windows build of portmidi.
    Symbian Launcher:
      - Removed unneeded buffer to save memory
      - Removed fade from slide animations to improve performance
      - Increased heap size to 100k,4Mb
      - Don't byte compile regular scripts so they can be easily edited.
    Symbian other:
      - The pygame library is now zipped as well for better performance.
    Removed warning from Symbian. It is used as wrapper for the
      native module.
    Camera module and computer vision tutorial.
    Cleaning camera module documentation and makeref on transform.
    Added palette_colors to mask.from_threshold.  TODO notes to some
    [BUG] surflock.c PySurface_LockBy was leaking weakrefs.
      Thanks Tom Rothamel.

[SVN 2242-2245] May 25, 2009
    Added a palette_colors option to average_surfaces... which doesn't handle
      palette using surfaces correctly(yet).
    Fixed possible memory leak.  Made some comments about return values.
    Recompile pymp.pyx with Cython. Enable Python 3.x support of midi module.
    Enable for Python 3.x.

[SVN 2230-2237] May 24, 2009
    Added some more midi tests.
    Python 3.x: disable and clean out movieext from
    A tool for generating .doc docs from .py docstrings, and new midi.doc.
    Shortened midi.get_default_*_device_id to get_default_*_id.
    Fixed up create_doc_from_py and updated a few documentation items.
    Updated a doc for pygame.midi.time.

[SVN 2216-2219] May 23, 2009
    Simplified sysfont.initsysfonts_win() fonts directory scan.
    In init functions: fix minor Python 3.x related memory leaks and clean up
    Fix problem where failed to detect unsupported formats.

[SVN 2201-2212] May 22, 2009
    Added missing gfxdraw wrapper for Symbian.
    Fixed to work on PyS60 1.9.4  The pygame python files are compiled into
      byte-code. Feature of scons-for-symbian.
    Have search the Windows font directory default fonts before
      checking the registry.
    Added another possible registry key where there might be fonts on win.
    Fix possible problem with WINDIR, windir environment variable name.

[SVN 2193-2199] May 21, 2009
    Small svn prop tweak with and ignore for Python
      3.x on Windows.
    More font unit tests and a unit test bug fix.
    Add some interactive font unit tests to fill in some holes.
    Move locals.doc and remove redundant constant descriptions. instead refer
      to other module pages.
    Add TIMER_RESOLUTION description to time.doc.

[SVN 2183-2189] May 20, 2009
    Remove defunct movieext.c (ancient non-working ffmpeg movie module).
    Clean up props/modes on lib/
    Undo unintended changes in r 2184.
    Partial support for OSX sysfont... 10.5.x onwards.  just use unix method.
    Additions to and

[SVN 2165-2180] May 19, 2009
    Minor doc corrections to midi example's output_main.
    Add setmods script missing from r 2129.
    Added -x on lib files...  Should this be moved into the ?.
    Make python -m bring up the docs in a browser. also fix Python
      3 issues with executable packages.
    Add gfxdraw docs.
    Marked camera, gfxdraw, and scrap as experimental in the docs.
    House_lo.mp3 crashes smpeg on Debian Linux. Remove from unit tests and add
      MP3 warning to docs.
    Finished midi docs.
    Added the start of some midi tests... all stubs.
    Updated generated docs.

[SVN 2163] May 18, 2009
    Fix examples quit() bug.

[SVN 2154-2161] May 17, 2009
    Added channel argument to note_on and note_off methods.
    Fixing up spacing between functions.
    Fix example init bug for --list option.
    Fix midi channels  changed default channel to 0  added to note_on and
    Starting to add docs in the pygame style to midi module.

[SVN 2126-2132] May 14, 2009
    Add pygame.examples.go shortcut.
    Add movieplayer example to the documents.
    Some doc updates for test tags and python -m option.
    Remove svn:executable tags and add setmods script to set executable
    Allowed the use of python -m pygame.tests.

[SVN 2117-2122] May 13, 2009
    A little tag test with the examples.
    Undo prop change in rev 2120 test.
    [BUG] Fixed bug in font.c where pygame.font.Font returned the wrong
      exception type and message when a font file was not found.
      Thanks Bo Jangeborg.

[SVN 2113-2115] May 11, 2009
    Fixed color.c for Symbian  Updated Symbian build instructions  Updated with '--no-code-docs' feature to set empty module docstrings.
    Add modules to pygame.tests. This is an alternative
      module level __tags__ globals in the unit test files
      themselves. The __tags__ global is placed in the corresponding file instead. This means test modules can be skipped
      by the pygame.tests.go test framework without actually loading the
      test module and running possibly problematic code. It also means
      the test framework can report on which test modules were skipped
      and why.

[SVN 2110-2112] May 10, 2009
    Adapt test framework to Python 3.1.
    Add automatic skip of unimplemented modules to framework.
    Undo broken rev 2111.

[SVN 2103-2106] May 9, 2009
    Minor fixes for symbian merge.
    Merging from symbian branch.
    [BUG] pygame.transform.threshold behaved incorrectly when passed a
      Python long for the threshold argument.

[SVN 2078-2102] May 8, 2009
    Starting to merge in sybian_s60 branch.
    Pygame unit test framework now works with Python 3.1. This includes the
      run_tests__tests submodule.
    Increase timeout limit to 2 min. for subprocesses.
      This allows more time to complete (timed out on
      automated build sites Mac.)
    All standard Pygame extension modules compile and run with Python 3.
      For a Python 3 build skips unsupported modules.

[SVN 2074-2077] May 7, 2009
    Just skip the scrap not-init test completely; Figure out how to test for
      OS X later.  scrap not properly supported on OS X anyway
    Fix string comprehension bug in
    Try to allow scrap test in on non-OS X platforms.

[SVN 2065-2073] May 06, 2009
    Adapt fastevent module for Python 3.1.
    OS X now passes tests. See if the problem in is with scrap.
    Allow all Python modules to install with Python 3.1, though some may not
      work correctly.
    Update python 3.1 README to reflect current status.
    Adapt overlay for python 3.1; untested though importing doesn't crash
    OS X problem with isolated to scrap module. Try a temporary
    Adapt joystick and cdrom modules for Python 3.1.
    Try again with OS X and

[SVN 2058-2064] May 05, 2009
    Why does fail on OS X?.
    Yet more OS X testing with
    More OS X testing of
    Adapt mask module for Python 3.1.
    Fix font.c problem with Python 3.1.
    Undo accidental changes to and
    Add example to Python 3.1 adapted programs.

[SVN 2055-2057] May 04, 2009
    More code fixes to transform.c for non-MMX machines.
    Clean up METH_NOARG functions which were accidently given a second C
      argument in display.c.
    Make scrap test in conditional on the presence of scrap.

[SVN 2052] May 03, 2009
    Fix compiler error in transform.c for non-MMX machines.

[SVN 2049-2050] May 02, 2009
    Merging with python3 branch r 2048.
    Port Python 3 specific files from python3 branch.

[SVN 2047] May 1, 2009
    Merge python3 branch back into trunk. This allows a minimal Pygame
    system to be built for Python 3. It also improves error checking
    in module init functions.

[SVN 2046] Apr 30, 2009
    [BUG] SDL_gfx used WIN32 macro instead of _WIN32 to detected Windows.

[SVN 2040] Apr 24, 2009
    SDL_gfx module officially added to Pygame.

[SVN 2024] Apr 18, 2009
    A quick fix for jpeg saving not checking color order in 24 bit surfaces
      Note that there is a similar bug remaining in the camera module.

[SVN 2019] Apr 15, 2009
    Merge src/ from python3 branch back into trunk.

[SVN 2009-2017] Apr 13, 2009
    Add equality/inequality Event comparison as per mailing list request.
    Patch from Sean Berry updating missing tests for Rects.

[SVN 1997] Apr 11, 2009
    Make gfxdraw build on Windows.

[SVN 1993] Apr 06, 2009
    Bmp gives out of memory error... so use png instead.

[SVN 1983-1985] Mar 30, 2009
    Oops... hopefully this will work with mac/win.
    Trying to move the source around to fix the compile bug...
    Removing gfxdraw from compiling by default until get a chance to fix...

[SVN 1980-1982] Mar 29, 2009
    Included a couple of files from SDL_gfx for the gfxdraw module.
    Added some more documentation, and a TODO note to the top of the file.
    A tool for finding out what is documented, and what isn't.

[SVN 1974-1976] Mar 26, 2009
    Fixes gfxdraw.filled_polygon bug involving the point list.
    More point list bug fixes.

[SVN 1973] Mar 25, 2009
    Adds tentative SDL_gfx module.

[SVN 1969] Mar 24, 2009
    Some minor comment corrections.

[SVN 1967] Mar 16, 2009
    Yuv420 reimplemented with formulas from libv4l.

[SVN 1966] Mar 13, 2009
    Re-add yuyv to rgb based on libv4l by Hans de Goede, licensed LGPL.

[SVN 1965] Mar 12, 2009
    Licensing problems in the Camera module.    Fixes the licensing for the
      Bayer to RGB function.  Removes YUYV to RGB and YUV420 to YUV and RGB
      functions until they are properly licensed.

[SVN 1962] Mar 05, 2009
    Fix bug that let the example scroll past the bottom.

[SVN 1960] Mar 03, 2009
    Don't need as far as I can see.  Updated checks for
      music module.  Made README.txt instructions correct.

[SVN 1956-1957] Mar 01, 2009
    Fixed some typos.
    Started adding documentation for pygame.midi module.

[SVN 1954] Feb 25, 2009
    Allowed holding down the mouse, or key to scroll.

[SVN 1940-1953] Feb 22, 2009
    Add 8 bit-per-pixel support to Surface.blit blends.
    Added Surface.scroll method along with the example.
    Added a runtime check for old unneeded files.
    Made the error message nicer... and added checks for old py files too.
    Removed debug print from warn_unwanted_files().
    Add some comments, and a doc string to warn_unwanted_files.
    Camera.init tries to detect correct platform camera module to use.
    Added a few empty methods to opencv camera class that _camera uses.
    Fixed dest_surf on opencv camera driver, added missing methods to vidcap
    [BUG]Made colorkey and blanket alpha blits handle a surface blit to self.
      This addresses Bugzilla bug 19.

[SVN 1937] Feb 19, 2009
    Add self-blit capacity to Pygame surfaces.

[SVN 1934] Feb 18, 2009
    Surface raises a ValueError if the mask argument is rejected by SDL.
      Before this the mangled, and invalid, SDL value was used.

[SVN 1931-1932] Feb 16, 2009
    Fixed to work with new test file layout.  Also imports modules if not
    Moved camera.c _camera.c .  created a lib/

[SVN 1928-1929] Feb 15, 2009
    Made it use the to test it.  Filled in missing
    Fix erroneous ALPHA_BLEND macro argument.

[SVN 1926-1927] Feb 14, 2009
    Add psuedo-import to atexit, required by pygame.base.
    Remove an accidental colordict import introduced into

[SVN 1924-1925] Feb 12, 2009
    Add Rect.copy method as per Bugzilla feature request 25.
    Adding another import declaration for py2app/py2exe.
      This makes using py2exe easy again.

[SVN 1922-1923] Feb 11, 2009
    [BUG] Fix per-pixel-alpha unpacking in surface fill-blends.
    [BUG] Fix 24 bit-per-pixel fill-blends.
    BLEND_RGBA_xxx and more BLEND_xxx tests; related bug fixes  (mostly 24 bit
      surface related).
    Fix per-pixel alpha bug involving pixel unpacking.

[SVN 1920] Feb 11, 2009
    The Pygame documents and examples are now part of the Pygame package,
    directories docs and examples respectively.

[SVN 1916] Feb 8, 2009
    [BUG] Fix segmentation fault with register_quit, Bugzilla bug 20.

[SVN 1912] Feb 6, 2009
    [BUG] Extension modules failed to raise an error when required modules
      failed to import, as can happen with an incomplete py2exe/py2app
      executable. This would later lead to mysterious segfaults. Extension
      modules now forward import errors in the init function.

[SVN 1903] Feb 3, 2009
    [BUG] _numpysurfarray.array_alpha() when a per-pixel alpha surface also
    has blanket alpha.

[SVN 1893] Jan 29, 2009
    [BUG] Documentation infers that mixer.init and mixer.pre_init have keyword
      arguments. Added as per Bugzilla issue 6.
    [BUG] Documentation states that mixer buffer sizes must be a power of 2.
      New default buffer size is 4096. This was the implicit size anyway as
      buffer size values were rounded up the the nearest power of 2.

[SVN 1888-1889] Jan 29, 2009 now uses either NumPy or Numeric. bug fix submitted by Nicholas Dudfield.

[SVN 1886] Jan 28, 2009
    Updated msys config to use a fake PORTTIME variable... so it builds again
      with mingw.

[SVN 1881-1883] Jan 27, 2009
    Add array_alpha and array_colorkey tests to
      array_alpha values incompatible with unmap_rgb for 16 bit surfaces -
      fixed in, ignored in deprecated _numericsurfarray.c.
    For 16 bit surfaces make surfarray.array_alpha values consistent with those
      returned by Surface.unmap_rgb.
    Revert unintended change to surface.rgb_map in rev 1875.
    Surfarray tests for make_surface, map_array, pixels2d and pixels_alpha,

[SVN 1880] Jan 26, 2009
    Made it so we can use ctypes, instead of requiring win32 modules for the
      windows test runner.

[SVN 1871-1879] Jan 25, 2009
    Completing the process to actually have numpy be the default.
    Make subprocesses mode default for test runner.
    Small fix for the nosubprocess change.
    Fix pygame.init() problem in
    Surface.unmap_rgb now METH_O.
    Add surface.map_rgb unit test.
    Add surfarray.array2d, array3d, pixels2d and pixels3d unit tests.
    Make surfarray_test skip tests known to fail with Numeric.
    Making mac build with portmidi lib linked in.

[SVN 1863-1870] Jan 24, 2009
    Add array2d test to
    Move surfarray surface lock test to
    Surfarray.array3d unit test and 16 bitsize bug fix.
    Surfarray get_arraytype, get_arraytypes and use_arraytype tests.
    Edit tests module docs.
    Another small tests doc typo.
    Making it so we don't swallow exceptions...

[SVN 1854-1861] Jan 23, 2009
    Making it so we won't try to re-enter application installation.
    Fix VC compiler error and make small code tweaks.
    Add blit_array test for surface shifts.
    Surfarray_test does nothing if no array module installed.
    Add array tags to tests requiring NumPy or Numeric.
    Numpy now takes priority over Numeric in sndarry and surfarray.
    Fixed __hasnumpy/__hasnumeric confusion in sndarray.

[SVN 1852] Jan 22, 2009
    [BUG] Fix Bugzilla bug 24 where surfarray.blit_array fails with a
    24 bit surface. A new blit_array, using the array structure interface,
    was added to a new _arraysurfarray extension module.

[SVN 1849-1853] Jan 22, 2009
    [BUG] Fix Bugzilla bug 24 where surfarray.blit_array fails with a
      24 bit surface. A new blit_array, using the array structure interface,
      was added to a new _arraysurfarray extension module.
    Fix NumPy bug in and add an array choice command line
    Removed PyObjC dependency on OSX.

[SVN 1845-1848] Jan 19, 2009
    Make the main function consistent accross examples, taking arguments
      where the programs except command line arguments.
    Add examples module document page.
    Minor change to usage message in
    Make some hyperlinks in the examples doc work.
    The Pygame examples is now a Pygame subpackage. Example programs can be
      imported as modules and run by their main functions. The package
      documentation is now part of the Pygame module docs.

[SVN 1841-1843] Jan 16, 2009
    Add pygame/tests/fixtures to installation (broken in previous
    Add arguments to
    Add addition fake tests to installation.

[SVN 1839-1840] Jan 15, 2009
    Color objects now support equality/inequality comparison with other
      Color objects and color tuples.
    Jpeg image saving is not thread safe on windows after all.

[SVN 1834-1838] Jan 14, 2009
    Examples\ add list option and main() function.
    Remove absolete Windows doc installer stuff.
    Remove old default Windows setup info.
    Fix porttime change.

[SVN 1829-1833] Jan 13, 2009
    Added argv arguments to main() too, and used pygame.quit.
    Updated portmidi config for unix and darwin.  tested on ubuntu, not osx.
    Added libporttime dependency, as required by ubuntu.
    Added get_device_info function.
    Printed out device info.  Allowed setting device id on the cmd line.

[SVN 1819-1827] Jan 12, 2009
    Pygame docs: fixed some links.
    Docs added to Pygame package.
    Added to make examples a package.
    Examples can be run from outside the examples directory.
    Corrects some terminology in the tests package doc.
    Call pygame.quit to clean up things.  closes window when called from
      pygame.examples.chimp.main() finishes, and for when run from idle.
    Update to reflect examples becoming a package.
    Updated examples so that they all have a main() and use pygame.quit.
    Pygame documents now installed as part of the pygame package directory.

[SVN 1816-1817] Jan 11, 2009
    Pygame.tests: prepare run_tests__tests for addition.
    Pygame.examples: completely installs.

[SVN 1813-1815] Jan 10, 2009
    Pygame unit test suite is now the pygame.tests package. For Pygame
    development the unit tests still run from test in the installation
    directory without conflicts.

[SVN 1802-1804] Jan 07, 2009
    Refactored example and added comments.
    Finished keyboard example, added velocity.
    Added test command to  so you can do 'python test'.

[SVN 1796-1798] Jan 05, 2009
    Mask convolve function and tests from Michael George.
    Update docs for thanks Forrest Voight.
    Clean up some carriage return confusion in the docs.

[SVN 1793-1794] Jan 04, 2009
    Update midi example to add animated keyboard keys.
    Add scripts to build Python 2.6/3.0 Windows dependencies linked to msvcr90.

[SVN 1776-1777] Dec 27, 2008
    Add get default device functions for midi module.
    Expand midi output example into a musical keyboard demo.

[SVN 1772-1775] Dec 24, 2008
    Pypm: temporary fix to add header and library paths for Windows
    Added Output class and atexit stuff similar to Lenards code.
    Added output example from Lenard, and moved input example out of midi
      module into the midi example.

[SVN 1764-1771] Dec 23, 2008
    Windows prebuilts: Python 2.6 preparation.
    Added pygame.mixer_music fake import in function to maybe help with py2app.
    Undo fake import for py2app.
    Try rearranging stuff for py2app.
    Add portmidi to Windows build.
    Added code from pyportmidi to be used from pygame.midi.
    Added pyportmidi 0.0.4 changes from Tim Thompson.  Thanks!.

[SVN 1759-1760] Dec 22, 2008
    The freetype dll was not being copied into the site-packages/pygame dir on
    Added start of midi module which uses portmidi.

[SVN 1755-1758] Dec 19, 2008
    Added in an extra debugging line... for testing with py2app.
    Fixed error for msvc compiler.
    Moved brackets closer... suspecting possible dodgey introspection in
    Missed freeing surface on malloc out of memory error for saving jpegs.

[SVN 1751-1754] Dec 18, 2008
    Added some debugging notes for py2app mixer_music issue. added portmidi. add portmidi.

[SVN 1749-1750] Dec 17, 2008
    Add program to list Pygame modules accessed by a unit test module.
    [BUG] Bug 28: possible fix.

Dec 05, 2008
    exposed mask C API from Michael George.  Thanks!

Aug 30, 2008
    [BUG] Fixed CREATE_PIXEL macro's use of Aloss
    which was making surface.fill with surfaces with no alpha go green

[SVN 1537] Jul 28, 2008
    pygame 1.8.1release released.

Jul 18, 2008
    Added Surface.set_masks and .set_shifts useful for using data in
        b,g,r,a mode... and other fun hacks.

Jul 14, 2008
    [BUG] Fixed bug with transform.threshold() not honoring third surface
    Updated transform.threshold() docs Thanks Nirav Patel

Jul 10, 2008
    Added patch for filelikes in thanks Forrest Voight!

Jul 8, 2008 improved with --help and running stuff in subprocesses.

Jun 25, 2008
    Added many extra empty test stubs for untested things.  Thanks Nicholas!
    Test runner that works with subprocess and threads to isolate tests.
        So that if a crash happens in one test the other tests still run.
        Thanks Nicholas!

    [BUG] Added a fix for rotate on multiples of 90.0000001-90.99999 degrees.
        Thanks Charlie Nolan, and Marcus!

Jun 21, 2008
    Added BLEND_RGBA_* special flags for blit, and fill.

Jun 16, 2008
    Reworked locking code. Locks are now more strict and can only be
    removed by the object(s), that caused them.
    New Surface.get_locks() method, which returns the currently existing
    [BUG] Fixed Surface.get_locked() bug for Surfaces which do not
      require locking, but have third-party locks attached.

Jun 13, 2008
    [BUG] Fixed bug with mixer.get_init() Thanks Frankie Robertson!
    [BUG] Fixed long alpha overflow bug in Surface.set_alpha().

Jun 9, 2008
    [BUG] Fixed locking and reference count leaks in Numeric surfarray

May 31, 2008
    Updated sprite documentation - mainly for new stuff added in pygame 1.8.0

May 24, 2008
    New Color class for color management.

Apr 30, 2008
    updates to the collision functions that update them to match
        the modules coding style, include appropriate comments, and are
        about 20% faster. It also includes a collide_circle_ratio function
        for completeness, and perhaps most importantly, fixes a bug in
        colide_mask which kept it from working correctly.  Also added unittests
        for the collision functions.  Thanks John Krukoff!

    [BUG] sound crackles on windows; restored chunk size
        calculation to pre 1143

    Added \#!/usr/bin/env python to the top of examples that didn't have it.

Apr 13, 2008
    [BUG] Fixed pygame.surfarray.pixels3d() for 24bpp surfaces using numpy.
        Thanks Lorenz Quack!

Apr 12, 2008
    [BUG] Fixed png saving, and saving jpeg with capital letter extensions
        Thanks Nick Irvine!

Apr 11, 2008
    New method to compare two PixelArrays.

Apr 8, 2008
    [BUG] Fixed pygame.draw.aaline() for cases in which only a single point
        has to be drawn.

Apr 4, 2008
    New PixelArray.replace() and PixelArray.extract() methods to quickly
      replace or extract a certain color.

Apr 3, 2008
    Added iter support to PixelArray.

Apr 2, 2008
    [BUG] Fixed mask settings for 8-bit surfaces created by
    [BUG] Fixed integer color value assignment bound checking in PixelArray.

Mar 30, 2008
    Added subscript support to PixelArray and PixelArray.make_surface()
      to create a new surface from the PixelArray view.
    Fixed mask namespace pollution and docs.

Mar 18, 2008
    Updated credits.
    Mac OSX binary now has movie module working.

Mar 16, 2008
    the play functions of mixer.Channel and mixer.Sound both now take keyword
      arguments, and accept a fade_ms argument that makes the sound fade in

Mar 9, 2008
    pygame.display.set_mode() will now respect the screen resolution settings
      for the width or height set to 0 as supported by SDL >= 1.2.10.
      Thanks Lorenz Quack!

Mar 5, 2008
    [BUG] Stopped releasing GIL on png, and jpeg saving functions because
        they do not seem to be thread safe.

    [BUG] A work around for 8 bit samples being stereo reversed with SDL_mixer.
        Also check the return value of Mix_SetPanning, and raise an
        error on volume errors.

    [BUG] Changed default chunk size for pygame.mixer to 1024*3.  Which is
        the magic number which stops scratchy sounds on most systems.
        However it does make sounds a bit laggier... it's best provided as
        a config item for users.

    Updated pygame.display.update() to release the GIL whilst doing things,
        so other threads can do things whilst it's updating the screen.

    Some comments to help Mac OSX people installing, and compiling pygame.
        About bdist_mpkg in setup, and also fixed an exception message
        to be nicer about requiring pyobjc.

Mar 3, 2008
    [BUG] Fixed up pygame.mask.from_surface, got color key, and perpixel alpha
        modes reversed.

    Also added better test to the mask test.
        Also it wasn't testing pygame.mask.from_surface at all!

    Added pygame.sprite.collide_mask to join the mask_* collision functions.
        Started adding test for pygame.sprite.spritecollide.

Feb 19, 2008
    Added Surface.get_bounding_rect() method, which returns the smallest
    rect for the surface, that contains visible (non-transparent) data.

Feb 14, 2008

    Added pygame.key.get_repeat to see how holding keys down repeats.  This is
      the sister function of pygame.ket.set_repeat.

    MacOSX, and Windows binaries now use latest SDL 1.2.13

Feb 11, 2008
    An example of using pygame with no windowing system.  Useful for webserver
      scripts, or for little utilities.

    Updated mac_scrap to pass some tests, and raise NotImplementedError

    Further Windows build updates:
      For MinGW/MSYS the build process now finds the MSYS and MinGW
      directories automatically. gcc links to msvcr71.dll without
      requiring changes to the gcc specs file. This makes the build
      process GCC Version 4 ready. By default all DLLs are Win32 GUI,
      but can be console. The build progams will run from either the
      Windows or MSYS terminal.

      Fixed a bug where DLLs were not installed in the package directory.
      For Windows, everything now goes into the package directory. renamed to to avoid confusion.

Jan 26, 2008
    pygame.sndarray noew can change between Numeric and numpy using the
      new methods pygame.sndarray.use_arraytype () and
      pygame.sndarray.get_arraytypes ().

Jan 24, 2008
    Updated the configuration and build process under Windows. In and os.popen is replaced with the newer
       subprocess.Popen so the MSYS will run. Calls to raw_input now
       show the prompt on an MSYS console. In an MSYS build paths
       written to Setup are now Windows paths for distutils. The hard
       coded DLL file paths have been removed from  It now
       gets the paths from Setup. Consequently, is now VC/MinGW

    Added, an all-in-one dependency builder for
       Windows. Requires MinGW and MSYS.

Jan 8, 2008
    pygame.surfarray now can change between Numeric and numpy using the
       new methods pygame.surfarray.use_arraytype () and
       pygame.surfarray.get_arraytypes ().

Jan 4, 2008
    Removed Numeric compile time dependency.
    Added numpy surface array support.

Dec 31, 2007
    New method pygame.get_sdl_byteorder () to get the SDL byte order.

Dec 15, 2007
    Mask can now get bounding rects of set bits.
    pygame.transform can find edges in an image, get the average surface
      of many surfaces and also threshold an image by color.

Sep 1, 2007
    Added get_buffer() methods to Surface, and Sound - which return a new
     BufferProxy - which is a buffer interface only class.  Thanks Marcus!

Aug 23, 2007
    pygame.image.tostring changes from Brian Fisher.
      RGBA_PREMULT & ARGB_PREMULT type to image.tostring (a very
      nice thing for getting images into OpenGL)

Aug 22, 2007
    PixelArray from Marcus.  It's going to be a replacement for surfarray.
    [BUG] Fixed some bugs in Surface with SRCALPHA and input validation.
        Thanks Lenard Lindstrom and Brian Fisher.

Aug 15, 2007
    The sprite module has had some big changes from DR0ID.  It now has a
     LayeredUpdates, and LayeredDirty groups.  For using layers when
     rendering the sprites.  LayeredDirty is an alternative to
     RenderUpdates that automatically finds the best display method
     (either full screen updates, or dirty rect updates).  It's faster
     if you have sprites that don't move.  Thanks DR0ID!
    Added pygame.mask.from_surface which can make a Mask object from
     a surface.  It's 128x faster than the python version! bug fix. Thanks Lenard Lindstrom!

Jun 25, 2007
    Removed QNX support from scrap module. Thanks Marcus!
    Added smoothscale(with MMX!) function from Richard Goedeken

Jun 27, 2007
    Fixes from Marcus for ref counting bugs.
    Also using METH_NOARGS for functions with no arguments.
     Which should make some functions slightly faster.
    Thanks Marcus, and thanks Campbell Barton for spotting them.

May 30, 2007
    Fixed some documentation.  mask, scrap, font modules.
    Fixed the mask.set_at get_at functions to raise a nice exception.
      Thanks piman!
    surface.fill() now takes the same BLEND_ADD BLEND_SUB etc flags that
      surface.blit() takes.  Which makes fade to white, and fade to black
      type operates simple and fast.  Thanks Marcus!!
    Added the GL_SWAP_CONTROL constant from SDL.  Thanks Eyal Lotem!
    Added the new blitters from Marcus.  These speed up the blend functions
      and the alpha blit function.
    Added a -warnings flag to for extra warnings with gcc.
    A fix from Marcus for the scrap module in X11.

May 9, 2007
    Windows image copy/paste is working for scrap.
    Adding bitmask code from Ulf Ekström - for pixelperfect collision.
      Still need to get unittest, documentation and some more methods added.
      There's a unittest with some problems checked in.

May 2, 2007
    [BUG] fromstring,tostring work for alpha. Thanks Brian Fisher.
    [BUG] Surf.set_clip(None) works correctly. Thanks Diego Essaya.
    Scrap changes from Marcus so windows/osx compile.
    Added scancode attribute to keyboard events. Thanks Quentin Smith.
    [BUG] movie_set_display hangs on movie file-like object.  Thanks Martin.

Apr 26, 2007
    Some code cleanups from Marcus von Appen.  min->MIN, indentation, other.
    A rewritten scrap module.  Hasn't been tested on osx/windows.

Dec 15, 2006
    Some config changes to make scrap compile correctly on freebsd and debian.

Nov 27, 2006
    Fixes scrap, image, overlay, compiling on windows. Thanks John Popplewell!
    Allowed threads within the transform module. Releasing GIL around C stuff.

Nov 5, 2006
    Fix for SysFont infinite loop bug.  Thanks Regis Desgroppes!
    Compilation fix on MacOSX.  Thanks Emmanuel Hainry!

Nov 4, 2006
    Documentation fixes.

Jun 16, 2006
    Allowed passing in the destination surface to the transform.scale and
     transform.scale2x.  This is faster if reusing the surface.

Jun 15, 2006
    [BUG] Font fix for empty string causing segfault.  Added unittest.

Jun 10, 2006
    64bit compile fixes for Fedora from Christopher Stone

Jun 8, 2006
    Documentation changes.
    Move to subversion instead of cvs.

May 28, 2006
    Added saving surfaces as a .jpg or .jpeg file.  Works if imageext is there.

May 27, 2006
    Added saving surfaces as a .png file.  Works if imageext is there.
    Saves as 24 bit RGB or as 32bit RGBA pngs depending on the surface.

May 20, 2006
    Documentation updates merged in from some doc comments on website.
    [BUG] pygame.transform.* functions now retain SRCALPHA info after scaling.
    Some new unittests for pygame.display.update, pygame.transform.scale.

May 18, 2006
    Patch from Peter Nicolai to add the channel to the sound queued event.

April 25, 2006
    Added some new blend modes to blit. Add,sub,mult,max,min.
    [BUG] Fixed SRCALPHA blending.  Thanks Lenard Lindstrom!

April 9, 2006
    Added mac_scrap module for macintosh clipboard support.

April 8, 2006
    Added scrap module for accessing the clipboard. As well as an example.
    Added access to the XEvent structure on unix/X11 installs.

March 11, 2006
    Fix for config_unix for x86_64 and SDL lib path. Thanks Matthew L Daniel.
    [BUG]Fix for parent init in sprite.GroupSingle. Thanks Alexander Sashnov.

March 1, 2006
    A example from Kamilche.  Thanks!

February 11, 2006
    Changed the behaviour of Clock.tick to use SDL_Delay instead of a busy
      loop.  Added a tick_busy_loop which uses the old behaviour.  This
      is more consistent with what people think Clock.tick() will do.
      That is, not use 100% cpu to get more accurate timing. example, which is based off the testsprite.c in SDL
      shows the performance of sprites, and is a good test.
    Added gp2x package which contains some constants for the gp2x buttons.
      This will be where gp2x specific functionality will live.

January 12, 2006
    Endian patch for set_at() from Ivo Danihelka.

December 19, 2005
    Updates for Overlay. Detect hardware accel and allow "redisplay".

November 7, 2005
    Fix for sprite.AbstractGroup.has inf recursion bug. thanks Randy Kaelber.
    Began work on a sprite unittest.

October 28, 2005
    fix for do_set_icon when display not initialised. Thanks John Popplewell!
    Added missing read_unix_fonts_cache function. Thanks again John Popplewell.

October 24, 2005
    Add support for 64bit data types in surfarray.blit_array()

October 2, 2005
    switch to the new reference documentation system

September 8, 2005
    surface.array_colorkey now unlocks the surface after use[BUG].

September 1, 2005
    music.queue() now raises exception if load fails.

August 15, 2005
    Fix to make Chinese fonts work better on windows.
      From retsyo  AT  eyou  Dot  com.
    Fix for Channel.set_volume() to not use panning if seting overall volume.
    Made setup put in missing files into the source distribution.
    Fix for fastevents example on linux.

August 10, 2005
    Fix for overlay.c to compile in windows.
    Fixed some warnings for font, and rotozoom with gcc4.
    Added an example for fastevents.
    Fix for with wrong paths for /usr/local

July 28, 2005
    Fix for sprite module[BUG].  fastevent module for faster sdl event processing.
    Updated examples.

March 7, 2005
    sysfont patch, which checks two places for fonts on weird windows machines from Atul Varma.
    pygame.get_sdl_version(), improved Mac OS X support from Bob Ippolito.
    new example from Rene Dudfield based on ShreadWheats example.

August 8, 2004
    cleanup aaline drawing, from Michael Urman

July 17, 2004
    image.frombuffer() for lightning fast fromstring()'s
    SysFont extra styles being applied incorrect
    psuedo "configure" and "Makefile" for foolproof installs
    draw.aaline now works with pixel alphas

July 16, 2004
    mixer.set_num_channels() no longer crashes [BUG] properly tracks when paused
    pygame.display.get_wm_info() added, gets a dictionary
    Overlay object, from Dmitry Borisov

July 6, 2004
    Sound object newstyle types
    added Sound.get_length()

July 5, 2004
    Add Bo Jangeborg's cursor compile with added 'xor'
    Add Bo Jangeborg's system cursors as compileable strings

July 3, 2004
    Newstyle fonts crashing with bad filenames [BUG]

June 28, 2004
    Surface.set_clip(None) crashed [BUG]
    Remove pygame's (now) redundant lock counting

June 27, 2004
    Fix several negative or zero size problems [BUG]
    draw.arc outside image crashed [BUG]
    draw.arc artifacts cleaned

June 26, 2004 added
    Surface.get_rect() accepts keyword args for assignment
    transform.chop() added, from Matthias Spiller

June 25, 2004
    Font becomes new style type, inheritable, weakrefable

June 22, 2004
    Rect type updated, weakrefable
    (warning, Rect attributes broken for now)

June 21, 2004
    Surfaces now weakref'able
    display surface protected from pygame.quit()
    display and Surfaces protected from resolution <=0

June 19, 2004
    Chad Lester's excellent work on sndarray
    ffmpeg movie backend renamed to movieext, experimental
    v1.6 movie module restored

May 1, 2004
    updated sprite module, Joe Wresching

March 29, 2004
    checkin movie current rewrite, still rough, libavcodec

February 24, 2004
    no longer parachute SIGPIPE, like SDL 1.2.7

February 15, 2004
    small cleanups to internal Sprite and Group

February 9, 2004
    help protect int overflow

December 25, 2003
    sprite groups are now iterators
    SysFont better unix parsing

November 18, 2003
    Remove legacy python code. Ver 2.2 is minimum

October 23, 2003
    final updates for 1.6

October 15, 2003
    Rects now stored with ints (not shorts)

October 2, 2003
    Add ARGB support to fromstring and tostring

September 29, 2003
    Replaced Objective C with PyObjC code for MacOS X
    Fixed 1 pixel horizontal/vertical line draw

September 27, 2003
    Fix reading from file file-like objects (thx Timothy Stranex)

September 21, 2003
    Fix sysfont registry bug on winNT arch

September 18, 2003
    Fix color problem when saving opengl screenshot

September 10, 2003
    SysFont now accepts None like regular Font

August 10, 2003
    fix JOYHAT_RIGHT input (thanks Latimerius)
    system font names have punctuation removed

July 26, 2003
    add GL_STEREO

July 22, 2003

June 11, 2003
    Surface.set_at() respects clip area
    cleaned fill circle draw

June 8, 2003
    add system font; SysFont,get_system_fonts,match_system_font

June 7, 2003
    Font() no longer segfaults on bad filename [BUG]
    add color module for simple color manipulations

June 6, 2003
    set_palette_at() index 0 fix
    draw.arc() (thanks Lalo Martins)
    Rects are pickleable

May 12, 2003
    Brett Calcott's quick fix for 'trunc' on visualc

May 10, 2003
    fix Derek Simkowiak's find of problem alphas

March 10, 2003
    add OPENGL support to image.tostring()

March 9, 2003
    Bug in Clock.tick() was delaying double
    load Font objects from any python file-like object

February 26, 2003
    Sprite and Group now new-style classes

Februrary 12, 2003
    fix immediate returns for first time.delay and time.wait

February 11, 2003
    more OSX SDLmain.m patches from Andrew Straw

February 5, 2003
    antialiased lines, from Jorge Gonzalez
    allow Font.render() with empty string

February 2, 2003
    refcount bug in Font.size [BUG]

December 5, 2002
    tilerow stuff removed

December 2, 2002
    experimental pygame.draw.tilerow()

November 14, 2002
    fix unicode bugs in Font (thanks, hcyun)

November 12, 2002
    AdvanceMAME Scale2X scaling now in transform.scale2x()

October 22, 2002
    mixer can queue sounds and music
    channels can send finished event for sounds

October 19, 2002
    can free software surfaces without video initialized
    added "x", "y", "w", and "h" attribs to Rect (like SDL)
    RenderUpdates.draw() doesn't union nonoverlapping

October 16, 2002
    fix crash with subsubsurface blits [BUG]
    added Surface.get_offset() and get_abs_offset()
    added Surface.get_parent() and get_abs_parent()

October 6, 2002
    added event.clear() to efficiently clear the queue

October 1, 2002
    sprite.RenderGroups wasn't clearing killed sprites after draw()

September 3, 2002
    passing None as the end time to plays to cd end
    added pygame.vernum, a tuple of python version values

September 2, 2002
    add Movie.render_frame, thanks James Mazer
    cursors.load_xbm skips comments, thanks Herve

August 20, 2002
    fix rectstyle arguments

August 15, 2002
    Hervé Cauwelier's fix for xbm cursors without spaces

Auguest 14, 2002
    switched to FSF's FreeSansBold default font
    new font.get_default_font()
    cleanup harmless void** typing

July 24, 2002
    Ole Martin Bjoerndalen's fix

July 17, 2002
    Michael Hudson's unicode cleanups

June 15, 2002
    added get_time() and get_rawtime() to Clock

May 30, 2002
    final updates for 1.5

May 28, 2002
    changed default font to helmet bold

May 27, 2002
    added smart class to handle missing modules

May 17, 2002
    added display.set_gamma_ramp(). thx andrew

May 16, 2002
    custom blitters to handle destination pixel alphas
    fix recursive subsurfaces and subsurface blit returns

May 13, 2002

May 8, 2002 start time works can save TGA images
    cannot subsurface a subsurface [BREAK]
    blits to subsurfaces are passed through

May 7, 2002
    added the sndarray module
    added surfarray.make_surface()

April 25, 2002
    added gl_set_attribute(), gl_get_attribute()

April 16, 2002
    mixer keeps a reference to playing Sound objects
    channel.set_volume() can take 2 volumes for panning can take a starting position for the song

April 14, 2002
    bug when re-initializing pygame.display [BUG]

April 8, 2002
    rectstyle now includes any object with a "rect" attrib
    rects now have collidedict() and collidedictall()

March 27, 2002
    fixes for windows music.get_pos() and windows config

March 23, 2002
    big update
    music.get_pos()  (thx Michael Urman)

March 20, 2002
    sprite.spritecollideany() now works as described

March 4, 2002
    sprite.RenderClear can accept a function as bgd

February 19, 2002
    event.peek() returns next event [BREAK?]
    Event objects have 'truth' operator

February 13, 2002
    all draw primitives have a default width

February 11, 2002
    Rect unionall() and unionall_ip() fixed

February 10, 2002
    pygame.init() not required for proper cleanup [BUG] fixed for tracks above 0

February 8, 2002
    Rect and Surface subclassable types

February 1, 2002
    locking problem with 90 degree rotate [BUG]
    set_icon overrides default icon

January 31, 2002
    removed emberrasing debug printing
    draw.rect does inside edge for bottomright

January 29, 2002
    everything bumped for the 1.4 release

January 28, 2002
    update SDL_rotozoom to 2.0.3

January 26, 2002
    special cases for 90 degree transform.rotate()
    OSX cleanups for commandline (thanks Bob)
    added sprite.spritecollideany()

January 23, 2002
    transform.rotate() does alpha if image has alphaplane
    transform.rotate() no longer "off by one" in the x axis
    added CD.get_all() to get information for all tracks can now take an option start and end time

January 17, 2002
    smarter importing code
    default pygame icon for window

January 16, 2002
    started implementing basic unit tests
    several bug cleanups with Rects (thx unit tests)

January 14, 2002
    display.update() boundaries fixed

January 11, 2002
    Surface.set_clip() can take None to clear the clipping

January 7, 2002
    fixed sprite.Group.has

January 6, 2002
    Merge with bob's inital MacOSX changes

January 5, 2002
    new and upgraded importing [BREAK?]
    fixed numberhandling in set_alpha and set_colorkey

January 2, 2002
    Group add/remove methods work

December 31, 2001
    pygame parachute does tracebacks with python2.2

December 20, 2001
    Surface.set_alpha() and set_colorkey() accept None
    event.set_allowed() and set_blocked() accept None

December 17, 2001
    small preps for the full 1.3 release

December 15, 2001
    small changes to sprite before release

December 2, 2001
    small protection for display Surfaces after display.quit()

December 1, 2001
    made time.delay() more accurate [BREAK]
    created time.wait() to work like old delay()
    added time.Clock objects for framerate tracking

November 26, 2001
    Surface.convert() doesn't segfault before pygame.init()

November 20, 2001
    added pygame.sprite.Group.update()
    Surface.blit() protection for alpha->8bit relaxed

November 19, 2001
    fixed image.fromstring() for "RGBA" mode

November 18, 2001
    can stream python file-like objects to SDL threads

November 15, 2001
    cleanups for transform.rotate

November 13, 2001
    added sprite module

November 12, 2001
    image.tostring() "RGBA" works with colorkey

November 3, 2001
    filled shape drawing now clips properly [BUG]
    Rect object correctly compare (==,<,>)

November 2, 2001
    pygame.time.get_ticks() returns 0 before pygame.init()

October 22, 2001
    small fix for filled ellipses/circles

September 27, 2001
    drawing filled circles returns bounding rect
    ellipses and circles drawn inside given area
    mixer init can take chunksize
    fix in clipped horizontal line drawing [BUG]

September 26, 2001
    key.set_repeat() raises exception on error, smarter args

September 22, 2001
    added Rect.clamp_ip, for inplace clamping
    display.update(None) will update full screen

September 21, 2001
    Surface.convert() respects the SRCALPHA flag when passing depth

September 1, 2001
    fixed typo in pygame.cursor

Aug 30, 2001
    added VIDEOEXPOSE event

Aug 29, 2001
    changed initializations, to allow easier embedding

Aug 28, 2001
    added circle and rect convenciences to pygame.draw
    removed debug printing from draw.polygon

Aug 25, 2001
    added looping, scaling, and audio to for Movies

Aug 15, 2001
    added module with MPEG video playback

July 31, 2001
    fixed refcount

July 26, 2001
     custom events work with event.peek() and event.get()
     added event.get_blocked() function to query blocked types

July 23, 2001
    music specifically halted when quitting (should not matter?)
    mixer.get_init() now returns the initialized playback format

July 21, 2001
    all events can be posted, not just USEREVENT
    subsurfaces inherit colorkey and alpha settings

Jul 20, 2001
    default font "finding" is smarter

Jul 17, 2001
    added polygon() and ellipse() to pygame.draw
    lines with width>2 are now correct (was one too small)

Jul 16, 2001
    can work with software surfaces before pygame.init()
    Surface.convert() now can take arguments like pygame.Surface()
    pygame.display.set_icon() sets the windowmanager icon

Jul 15, 2001
    fixed bad internal display reference counting [BUG]

Jul 14, 2001
    still makes clean-ish exit if segfault in exit handling

Jul 10, 2001
    image.tostring makes alpha from colorkey, if asking for RGBA

Jul 6, 2001
    added python 1.5.2 compatability

June 25, 2001
    horizontal transform.flip() was reading pixels off by one [BUG]

June 24, 2001
    calling set_mode will change all references to the display surface

Jun 23, 2001
    removed smooth underline font render protection

Jun 19, 2001
    fixed botched function

Jun 15, 2001
    new inplace Rect calls: move_ip, union_ip, etc

Jun 11, 2001
    smarter locking with subsurfaces
    added transform.rotozoom(), which uses builtin SDL_rotozoom

May 31, 2001
    correctly handle unicode filenames

May 29, 2001
    set display physical palette with display.set_palette()
    added transform module (with rotate and scale)

May 26, 2001
    code compiles with macos now

May 23, 2001
    fixed line drawing of width 1
    draw.lines() was broken with sections outside clip

May 22, 2001
    added midleft, midright, midtop, and midbottom to Rect
    added Rect.unionall() function to union a list of Rects
    fixed problem in 16bit surfarrays
    new image.tostring() and image.fromstring()

May 20, 2001
    applied dave wallace's patch to fix memory freeing

May 17, 2001
    a few small compile time warning cleanups

May 16, 2001
    line drawing functions now use an optional width

May 15, 2001
    image module is now builtin, but formats are optional
    enhanced save function in image (handles opengl) is now depracated

May 14, 2001
    smarter internal module handling
    fixed blit() (broken on May 9th change)

May 10, 2001
    USEREVENT events now pass through the queue
    Event() may be called with keyword args and/or a dict
    Font.render() won't render underlines while smoothing [BUG]

May 9, 2001
    8bit subsurfaces inherit their parents colormap
    blit keeps SDL from crashing with alpha onto 8bit

Apr 30, 2001
    loading Sounds from python objects now works [BUG]
    loading from python objects now thread safe [BUG]

Apr 19, 2001
    applied Niki Spahiev's memory leak patch in event.c
    removed minor memleak from each module's init

Apr 18, 2001
    added opengl support (with example)
    fixed display.get_init()
    current music is free'd when mixer is quit
    better thread sharing in various video calls
    fixed GCC compiler error in constants.c

Apr 10, 2001
    mixer now uses the requested sample format/size

Apr 08, 2001
    properly free SDL objects on malloc errors
    fixed rectangle cropping in pygame.display.update()

Apr 05, 2001
    Everything set for the 1.0 release

Apr 04, 2001
    cursors.load_xbm work on images without hotspots

Apr 03, 2001
    swapped endian-ness for pixels_alpha()

Mar 29, 2001
    fixed key.set_mods() (thanks rubysdl)
    rework setup scripts for 1.0 release
    relaxed sdl version checking

Mar 21, 2001
    initial support for compiling on mac
    fixed odd case with locking subsurfaces

Mar 20, 2001
    font and mixer now properly auto quit()

Mar 19, 2001
    Surfaces won't crash after display module is quit [BUG]

Mar 18, 2001
    friendlier type casting in surfarray (for some compilers)
    removed non-ANSI C code

Mar 17, 2001
    pygame.Surface is smarter with SRCALPHA flag
    fixed several small bugs in surfarray [BUG]
    new surfarray example and tutorial

Mar 16, 2001
    Fixed memory leak in Rect constructor
    Fixed improper exception in display.update(with_4_args)

Feb 15, 2001
    calling will make sure the channel
        that gets selected has volume set to full

Feb 14, 2001
    fixed Surface.set_colorkey() with no args [BUG]

Feb 13, 2001
    fixed return rect from line drawing routines
    small fix when drawing horizontal lines

Feb 12, 2001
    added NOFRAME to pygame.constants

Feb 11, 2001
    workaround python parsing error for pygame.time.delay(-1)

Feb 9, 2001
    setting rectangle width/height/size changes the
        right/bottom edges (instead of top/right) [BREAK]

Feb 6, 2001
    fixed the music unpause() function

Jan 31, 2001
    functions taking RGBA colors can also accept mapped ints

Jan 30, 2001
    added draw.lines()

Jan 29, 2001
    extremely revamped surface locking mechnisms
    new Surface.subsurface for shared surfaces

Jan 25, 2001
    added the draw module, with clipped line function
    added alpha routines in surfarray module
    more locking checks for surfarray
    make extra sure all of SDL is shutdown properly

Jan 24, 2001
    funcs that need locked surfaces will temporarily lock them
       (Surface.set_at, Surface.get_at, surfarray.arrayXd)

Jan 23, 2001
    display.update() no longer effects input Rects [BREAK]
    Surface.fill() no longer effects input Rect [BREAK]
    small memory leak in display.update() fixed

Jan 18, 2001
    cursor.read_xbm() renamed to cursor.load_xbm() [BREAK]

Jan 17, 2001
    documentation updated to include python modules too

Jan 16, 2001
    cursors module beefed up

Jan 15, 2001
    fix Surface.get_at() for 24bit surfaces
    endian cleanups for surfarray

Jan 8, 2001
    more warning cleanups
    music-finished callback fixed
    replaces SDL's parachute with smarter python version

Jan 6, 2001
    added pygame.version module

Jan 6, 2001
    Final cleanups for the new release

Jan 4, 2001
    Surface.blit() allows for rects as dest position
    surfarray cleanups and improvements

Dec 22, 2000
    timer threads properly shutdown

Dec 14, 2000
    display.set_mode pretending shorts are ints [BUG]

Dec 14, 2000
    music module had incorrect names for volume functions
    chimp example and full tutorial added

Dec 13, 2000
    display.update() is entirely better in many ways [BUG]

Dec 3, 2000
    fixed timing issues. negative time.delay() will become 0

Nov 30, 2000
    UserRect module added
    all objects now have a matching type; SurfaceType, etc

Nov 29, 2000
    joystick module rewrite finished [BREAK]
    cdrom module rewrite finished [BREAK]
    all constructors using capitalized function names [BREAK]
        (Rect, pygame.Surface, pygame.font.Font, etc)

Nov 28, 2000
    Surface.convert() better handles surface flags
    All color arguments (and returns) are RGBA format [BREAK]
    Removed Surface.map_rgba and unmap_rgba [BREAK]
    Added a default font, used by passing None as font file

Nov 20, 2000
    Added to create BMPs.

Nov 16, 2000
    Surface.set_clip() fixed when passing no args [BUG]

Nov 15, 2000
    time.set_timer() now handles multiple timers
    rect(), surface(), event() renamed to \
        new_rect, new_surface(), new_event() [BREAK]
    all new_XX() functions were added to pygame.locals
    Moved to a member of pygame.mixer [BREAK]
    Surface.blit takes a source rectangle instead of pos, size [BREAK]
    pygame.display.set_clip() correctly accepts rectstyle arg [BUG]
    Added Surface.get_flags() and Surface.get_pitch()
    Added set_cursor and get_cursor to pygame.mouse
    New module, pygame.cursors, contains sample cursors

Nov 14, 2000
    Release the Python Global Interpreter Lock on delays and IO
    Added timer events to pygame.time (check vgrade example)
    New music playback finished events
    surfarray.blit_array() supports all bit depths

Nov 11, 2000
    pygame.display.set_mode() uses int, not short, for size [BUG]

Nov 10, 2000
    Committed to CVS
    Added pygame.display.get_driver()