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LGT: Lightweight Game Toolkit

LGT provides OpenGL sprites with rotations, scaling and blending. It also includes a cooperative threading scheduler, an event engine, and safe, simple network comms using Twisted.


pygsear is a programming framework using Python and Pygame. It includes classes for drawable objects, paths, cursors, widgets and more, and it comes with a large number of examples. There is also (experimental) code using Twisted for networking.


Pyzzle is a free open source Myst/Riven interface style engine. It was orginally written for the 'MadTV' project, but decided to separate it into a free standing engine so people can use it in their own games. Pyzzle comes with Orbis Tertius, a small environment with high quality graphics.

Spineless game engine

Spineless is a generic cross-platform 3D game engine implemented in Python. Focus is on flexibility, clean design and ease of use, not pure speed or bleeding edge graphics.


SPyRE is a simple OpenGL rendering engine. It depends only on Python, Pygame, and PyOpenGL. You provide OpenGL drawing code within simple display objects, and the engine displays those objects, with a variety of viewing controls including panning, rotating and zooming. Currently the library is in development for a baseball simulation game. The library includes documentation and several examples. Â


pyso is a pygame-based toolkit for developing isometric sprite games in Python.


PyUI2 is a cross platform user interface library written in Python.


2D openGL python library that focuses on interaction. Built in graphical classes implement mouse event listeners. (in a way like macromedia director or flash do). It implements event listeners and rendering stack with Z layering.


viper is a wrapper for pygame designed to simplify the process of game development. In addition viper also provides additional high-level libaries for game development.


A simple but powerful Isometric Engine in the mode of Knightlore etc. Well commented and fully pydoc'ed with a manual to boot.


FibraNet allows pygame and other custom events to be dispatched to subscribed functions and methods. It simplifies concurrent simulations.


SiGL is a layer on top of pygame, which provides OpenGL graphics and other game related stuff.


BlackWings is a Framework intended to make graphical applications easier to be developed.

Easy Python

Easy Python is a module I'm writing with python and pygame to make python and pygame the best languages out there.


OpenGL based game framework on top of pygame written in Python and C++.

Python Media Player

Plays audio files.


Pygame Extended: OpenGL accelerated sprite/event-engine plus a miscellanous bunch of utility libraries


A fast, flexible, and cool looking GUI for pygame.


A Minimal OpenGL 2D Scenegraph.

PGU - Phil's pyGame Utilities

A collection of handy modules and scripts for PyGame.

simple game gui

Simple, well integrated, fast, easy-to-use and easy-to-setup, gui system for pygame addressed to games mostly.

eFFeeMMe's pyweek lib

I'm not sure if I'll join this pyweek, but if I do, I'll probably use this library, so I guess I have to make it public.

Sub-pixel surface

Sub-pixel rendering without using OpenGL!


UIX is GUI using pygame as main renderer.


ChessBoard is a Python implementation of the FIDE laws of chess.


A Little Bit of Widgetry for PyGame

A thin extension to pygame.sprite.RenderUpdates to allow user-defined layering of sprites.


OcempGUI is a python based toolkit for creating (graphical) user interfaces using the pygame library. It offers various widgets and base classes making it suitable for a broad range of projects and easily extensible by the creation of own widgets and more.

Basic rapid dev framework

A little module I threw together to avoid typing the same code in, each and every time I needed to make a little demo to check a maths function or library.


This is JoyWM, a GUI written in pygame. JoyWM can be controlled with a joystick (or a keyboard if no joystick is present).