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Imperial Ambitions - Three Kingdoms

【Imperial Ambitions 3K】is a Three-Kingdoms-themed, turn-based strategy game written in Python. The current version features 8 playable factions, 24 unit types, 60+ recruitable generals with 90+ special attacks/skills, and a full campaign with diplomacy options, tech trees, and more!

Release Notes Alpha 1.01 - Bug hot fix Alpha 1.0 - Bug fixes - Xuchang capital city bonuses - Improve projectile (arrow) collision detection w/ walls - Enhanced espionage visibility calculations (distance-dependent) - Simplified battle controls (QWERASDF for slot selection; 1/2 for special atk; optional left/right buttons for camera scrolling) - Update battle control guide - Army merging/unit transfers - Added option to view Military Report - More generals/skills - Smarter AI on hard/very hard difficulties Alpha 0.9 - Bug fixes - Make "close" button more visible post-battle - WSAD to move on campaign map - Added Light Dagger Infantry (must recruit Ding Feng) - Camera snap back to own unit after AI turn - Construction notifications - Diplomacy rebalance (fix issue - can form alliance w/ enemy of ally right now) - Hide other text when viewing guide - Significant performance improvements on campaign map/world map - Hide controls guide when pausing in battle - Update "poison" effect (poison_mist) - Improve AI think time (check within 10x10 radius for "free" targets first)



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Imperial Ambitions - Three Kingdoms Alpha 1.01 — 22 Nov, 2023

Imperial Ambitions - Three Kingdoms Beta 1.0 — 14 Jul, 2024 account Comments