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The Penguin Machine

The Penguin Machine is a remake of The Incredible Machine, written by Sierra a few years ago on Atari ST and Amiga. A level editor is included in the package.


Isometric engine for a future transport sim game (think Simutrans, or Transport Tycoon)


you know the game , you build a city and try not gettin out of cash!

Lines Simulation

A simple line simulation, based on the Mystify screen saver up to windows xp.


SeaLife was created to emulate an underwater sea environment.


elsim is an elevator simulator to be used in software development teaching scenarios.


Keep the ball in the air!


WaveMachine is a simple wave machine simulator.

Assembly Line

A puzzle/construction/financial game where you design and build factories using automated machinery to manufacture and sell products.


Plague is a real-time top down â??rogue-likeâ? arena shooter pitting humans against the zombie horde, inspired by the games Syndicate, XCOM and Gauntlet.

Currently under development, Plague already features procedural level generation, cellular automata modeling for physical effects, a 2D physics engine, AI and line of sight vision for every â??sentientâ? game entity, multiple weapons and a whole heap more, all running in real-time.


EatEmUp is a cool Artificial Intelligence simulation, which shows a "bully in the playground" type situation.


This is a basic flocking implementation, demonstrating the organization and collection of many bodies in a cohesive group. The boids all follow the mouse, and are bounded to stay inside the screen.

Zombie Survival

Proof of concept for a project idea I have.


A python version of the Falling Sand Game.


Player launches a space probe and gets score based on how close the probe gets to planets without crashing. Very high frame-rate. Alpha version. Newbie programmer.


falling sand game clone

High Frontier

Simulation / strategy game depicting nothing less than the immediate future of the entire world as we know it today. As a country or a multinational company the player researches and builds in order to shape the future of the globe and beyond.


Simple ant-road simulation

Simulador de Homero

En la presente se realizo la implementación de un programa para simular el recorrido de Homero por un camino lleno de diversas situaciones.


Simple verlet based 'cloth' simulation. Grab and move and pin particles to modify the sim.


Draw particles with the mouse that generate a latticework of lines between them.

Life of a Coder

Simple game simulating the working life of an over-stressed home coder.


A simulation of a small civilization

Christmas Moon Boarder

This is my gift to you.

Merry Christmas.


Fizzbox is a collection of physics based simulations, like mass spring systems and the interaction of planets under gravity.


2D "universe" simulation, namely Conway's Game of Life and derivatives of it.


Simple sim modelling gravity.


Gravitational simulator written in Python.

Chao Game

A very fun text game that you get to raise a virtual Chao. please give any recommendations.

Realism - GameBoy Screen Simulation

A simple demonstration of how using different blitting flags and pygame's movie sub-module can create an awesome effect!