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OcempGUI is a python based toolkit for creating (graphical) user interfaces using the pygame library. It offers various widgets and base classes making it suitable for a broad range of projects and easily extensible by the creation of own widgets and more.

RoeBros' GUI

This is RoeBros' GUI, but since he's gone he asked me to release it for him as the deadline for pyweek libraries ends tomorrow. I finished up his doc as well as I could, but it's not perfect.

Jingle Forms

Jingle Forms is a flexible and efficient (in terms of Python) windowing program/widget system with an easy-to-use API.


A fast, flexible, and cool looking GUI for pygame.

Popup Gui

Quick GUI for popup boxes

simple game gui

Simple, well integrated, fast, easy-to-use and easy-to-setup, gui system for pygame addressed to games mostly.


An alpha pygame GUI module being created for a game I'm making.


A simple, easy to use library for text input in pygame. Inspired by EzMeNu.


TextWidget - A simple text class for PyGame


A more advanced menu for use in PyGame.

Label: Rise of Band

Become The City's leading Music Label in this turn-based strategy game for up to four players. Created by an interdisciplinary team of University students.

Gravity Juggle

Early Alpha version of a game where two spaceships try to hit each other by shooting in a gravityfield around planets and similar stuff...

Pygame Forms

A small python module I hacked together whilst working on a school assignment.


A 2d game building environment. Featuring:
* wx based game-builder gui
* automatic code generation
* real-time game object manipulation

Quick Start guide in the download section.
Linux and Mac may require a little work to get running. Post to the google code discussion and I'll try to help.


A GUI with vista aero theme and effects

Pygame Toss

Toss of a Coin ! ....

Basic Guiu

lang = Esp Basic Guiu es una simple guiu basada en PyGame, esta pensada principalmente para diseñar pequeños y simples menus, para un conjunto mas avanzado se desarrollo el Modulo Frame que puede manejar mas comodamente los elementos como si fuese una ventana.


Electronic slot-machine , motivated from slot-machines in casinos etc.

Pygame Dice

Interactive GUI for the throw of a dice

Prodigy Hangman 1.0



Click'n'Drag is a hierarchical surface framework for PyGame.


This module provides a very simple to use game engine and various stuffs to make a simple GUI for pygame.


a function to browse the files and returns a path.

Multiplayer RPG

A small 2D RPG project .

Simple Pygame Menu

A low-fuss, infinitely nested popup menu for pygame. It don't get no simpler den dis.

Prodigy Processor Piano

Processor Piano Is A Useful And Fun Utility For Producing Sounds Using Your PC's Internal Sound Chip Without Speakers

Prodigy Notepad

A GUI Text Editor Written Using PyGTK.


A GUI toolkit for Pygame, to ease game development for Pygame developers. Works with no code change with a normal Pygame display or with an OpenGL display. This is a lightweight toolkit, with focus on the attention to detail. It is also customisable, allowing developers to theme the widgets to match their game.

Python OS 6

Python OS 6 is a complete user interface and application management system written entirely in Python using Pygame.

Tygame - GUI Project

The purpose of the tygame library is to allow the use of GUI objects to quickly and simply build GUI while still using the many features that pygame has to offer. It shares a simlar style of coding to tkinter (a python GUI library). Please note that this is still in the early phase of development so there will be bugs. If you find some please notify me on this page.