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The Witch's Yarn

Graphical Interactive Fiction Stage director metaphor UI. Sit-com inspired interactive comic book as theater.


Ardentryst is a free, open-source, cross-platform action/RPG sidescrolling game that is fun for all ages. Follow hero Pyralis, a warrior with fire magic, and heroine Nyx, an ice mage, on a quest through a castle, forests and snowy mountains to reclaim peace in the realm of Ardentryst.

Particle/Block RPG Engine

This is the early beginnings of a particle based RPG that I am working on. This demo only shows the block and room movement.

Gareth Quest

You are Gareth, a young boy that live in a church preparing to became cleric... But one day...

Colonel Wiljafjord and the Tarbukas Tyranny

An adventure game tribute to some of the old LucasArts and Sierra classics -- Monkey Island and Space Quest. Made for pyweek #3.

Beethoven and the Lost Symphony

And very short adventure game featuring Beethoven and his lost Symphony #10.

Fallen Spire

An adventure-RPG with graphics rendered using Blender3D

Mountain Climbing Adventure

A falling objects game. Very fun. Objective is to get a highscore. You can post and compare scores online as well as your computer.

Cheese Boys

An arcade game played in kind of (humor), post-apocalyptic world. You are the only one that can slay a band of five that now rule the world. You must move in a small town, facing enemies in combat to reach the truth hidden behind the Cheese Boys origin... and your past.

Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble!

Start a gang of wildcats in the 1920s. Stalk oppressive adults in a small-minded town and rip them with naughty little games! Win boyfriends and other disposable tools. Learn destructive secrets. Cuddle up to villains or send them packing. The first, party based adventure of epic satire.

The House

Use whatever you can that is at your disposal to escape...the house!


My first proyect

The Feeble Diddle

This is a game I am writing about a little ball thing called a Diddle who isn't appreciated by his friends until one day they are all kidnapped and he must save them.

The House 2

A direct sequel to "The House", now you must get out of the ghost town that the house is in.


An adventure game made for the Mini LD #7

Mango Begins

Jump your way through a mysteriousworld in this new platforming game!

Georg's Melon Adventure - Part 1

When the melons of the world are stolen, Georg must go on a quest to save the worldâ??s melons supply. Collect watermelons, cantaloupes, and honeydews (and various other items) as you battle your way through maze-like levels, spitting seeds at enemies. This side-scrolling game features all original graphics plus an original soundtrack sure to drive you bonkers.

Tim's Day Trip

Tim is trying out his friend Eric's new game. A slight yawn and Tim finds himself trapped in Eric's world.

Midnite Snax

Go around a hotel late at night, finding stuff to eat.


Platformer in which you use spells to attack.

Noctua vagus

An adventure game with owl that is flying in the woods and wants to help other animals.

-Terror en el Castillo

En este juego vas a ser un personaje que tiene como objetivo rescatar a una chica de un castillo, deberás estar atento para conseguirlo. ¡ponte aprueba!

Jellyfish Quest

An underwater jellyfishylicious retro adventure game in 32 by 32 pixels.


2d adventure game in a mansion!


Rambit is a platform game that won the game creation competition 2ª Batalha de Games (nov/2011) of Universidade Federal de Uberlândia. The competition theme was "save the planet".

Kyle's Map Editor

A relatively simple map editor! (hopefully someone will find this useful!)


A simple puzzle-adventure game that revolves around you, a dot, escaping an island.


game experiment and library


Endow is a game in wich you take the role of a comic illustrator. You must draw a storie before it's too late.