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Snake 22 BETA (Wormy evolved)

Snake game made by Neonzz

Daniel Young
This game is an evolution of the previous snake style game I added tons of features too now I've rewritten that game and created Snake 22 I changed the fact the player was always moving in the direction set now you only move while holding a movement key this improvement prevents constant calls to move improving performance. There is also a proper menu system now too the rest of the changes are under the hood. If you don't want to install the game please follow the source url and download,, and then open as normal :)



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Snake 22 BETA (Wormy evolved) 0.3 — 21 May, 2023

Snake 22 BETA (Wormy evolved) v0.2 — 22 May, 2023

Snake 22 BETA (Wormy evolved) v0.4 — 22 May, 2023

Snake 22 BETA (Wormy evolved) v0.1 — 22 May, 2023 account Comments