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An expression parser done in java. The application can be started as a calculator to show how it works and test, but can also be used as a LIBRARIAN, jar to include in your own projects.

Jesús Hernández Paredes
Roll organize your calculations, in books, sheets and lines. A workbook can contain many sheets as needed and can be stacked one sheet cascading many expressions as needed.


Subtotal: each line can yield a result, will be considered as a subtotal. Subtotals can be operated independently using functions.

Features: Roll contains several predefined struggle for more functions. Examples: add_subtotals, max_subtotals, average_subtotals, fact, double_fact, circle_area, MCD, mcm ...

Bookseller: Try it first as an application and then risk using it as a library-oriented calculation to add to your projects.

identifiers: identifiers when creating flight ident = 20 and you have your ID created.

Roll contains more things, if you feel interested pasate the web.



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Roll 0.0.5 — 10 Nov, 2014

Roll 0.0.8 — 3 Dec, 2014 account Comments