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pygame in all the languages — 16 May, 2022

Learning a programming language can be hard. Learning with materials in a different human language is even harder. This is why we have started the process of converting pygame learning materials into another language. With the help of a professional qualified educator we have begun the process with Spanish. Tutorials, technical API documentation, and teaching materials will need to be translated. Already whilst going through the first tutorials we noticed gaps and problems with our existing materials. It's improving our English materials too! But the first language will be slower because of this, so we don't want to do too many at once. As pygame is a hobby project made by volunteers we don't have a big budget for things, and we don't do corporate sponsors. Costs come out of our pockets, and people work on what they enjoy doing in their spare time. So far one of our contributors has donated $800 USD, but we are seeking to raise $1200(€1200) more for the first phase of this en-devour with a fundraiser. If you think it's a worthy cause and you have a few monies to spare we'd appreciate any support.

Many thanks to: Owen Wiggins, Dan Lawrence, John Norris, Anonym, William Chambers, Franco Bonfiglio Vazquez, Fiona Beardsworth. €674 were raised on top of the $800. Updates will come here on the progress with Spanish.